CustardTrout4178d ago

That's interesting news!
Not sure what to make of it, I was looking forward to it but I guess if it's going to be bigger and such I can wait.

MariaHelFutura4178d ago

They should just wait to release it on the next systems. No one needs 4 Saint's Rows this gen. I liked SR3, but I still wouldn't buy it.

MariaHelFutura4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

I stand corrected. Personally I don't think 4 games of any series should have 4 releases in the same generation.

mt4178d ago

i want it so badly .. GTA4 was a let down for me. SR where the fun factor. i am big fan of GTA , I hope they fix that in GTA5.

Wenis4177d ago

I still thought SR2 was much better than SR3.. hopefully SR4 tones down the 'crazy', because there was just too much of it in SR3.

Honest_gamer4178d ago

so they are making an expansion a whole game on itself :/ thats a new low

TheDareDevil4178d ago

THQ - "Hey Guys, you know how you hate $10 DLC, so eff that, we'll make it into a $60 game instead"

Tomonobu Itagaki4178d ago

They did even worse with Saints Row 3. "Hey guys, here's the season pass. You pay for it and you will have DLCs for free, but we will also release DLCs not included in the season pass, so if you want them, you'll have to pay too."

Dark_Overlord4178d ago

@Tomonobu Itagaki

Yep, I and many others fell for that BS. You should see the amount of posters on their forums complaining about it. A season pass should include ALL DLC. I certainly won't be making the same mistake again.

christian hour4178d ago

THQ - "Hey guys you know how we're in the shitter financially? Yeah we really need you to pay another 60 for a SR game asap!"

Tomonobu Itagaki4178d ago

That's low for sure, but this is not new. Capcom does that since age with Street Fighter series or Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ubisoft did that too with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and Revelations, Codemasters did it with DiRT Showdown...

So far, the only fair guys is saw this gen regarding expansions are Rockstar with GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption expansions, as they were sold as standalones for a cheap price.

Honest_gamer4178d ago

when i said "new low" i ment it's a new low for THQ as from there games i have played they havent milked anything dlc wise sure space marine had the armour skins however that just changed your character skin didnt do anything fundamental to change the game like on disk characters etc

so far the only studio's i can think of that havent milked things are as follows
2k games (bioshocks but then again 2k owns the nexttwo studios)
Gearbox Software (sure boarderlands had 4 expantions however each one was really good and ive yet to finish to of them as there to hard

and thats all i can think of :/

Sgt_Slaughter4178d ago (Edited 4178d ago )

4 is not going to be just the expansion... what part of "the content will be a part of "the next great sequel" instead." " didn't you get?

Honest_gamer4178d ago

i didnt get the whole thing, thats just PR for "yeh the expansion will be no 4" this will be like rock star saying gay tony was gta5 and the other one gta6

Gamer19824178d ago

what like Activision have been doing for years with COD? BAM!

Honest_gamer4178d ago

no it's not, cod doesn't release a map pack and go here is the new cod if that was the case there would be 4/5 of them a year lol

BuffMordecai4178d ago

Halo ODST did the same thing.

Honest_gamer4178d ago

No halo odst was a side story if they put a 4 instead of odst it would be the same, however i agree odst should have been dlc

InTheLab4178d ago

No. Halo ODST was worse. They had and expansion worth of content but charged full price for it. Oh...and they threw in Halo 3's online as if 15 million fans didn't already own those maps....

THQ is in bad shape. I'm surprised there won't be SR4 this year..

Lucretia4178d ago

wow you know how to read.......

no they canceled the DLC and are just working on part 4. Part 4 is not the dlc, where do you people come up with this crap lol

Awesome_Gamer4178d ago

I hope it will be more like SR2, i hated the third one, it was too crazy for my liking

aliengmr4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

So taking an expansion and making it a full game by adding more content is low how?

The season pass clearly stated what DLC would be included and EtD wasn't part of that. Also, it was an expansion not DLC.

Now they are taking that expansion and making a full game around it. Not just bumping up the price but essentially adding that content to SR4.

Am I the only one confused by this outrage?

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SnakeCQC4178d ago

okay thq are official in the gutter i hope saints row get picked up by another dev and publisher.

Creative-Enigma4178d ago

I hope Saints Row The Fourth brings back the competitve multiplayer and not just co-op.