Heavenly Sword First Impressions

When the Xbox 360 launched last Christmas, it was widely remarked upon that many of the console's early portfolio of titles were developed in the UK - with games from Bizarre Creations and Rare forming the backbone of the launch line-up for the system. With the PlayStation 3, once again, British developers are punching above their weight - and of the key first-party titles given top billing on Sony's stand at TGS, no less than three hail from the sceptered isle. Two are racing games - the genuinely head-turning MotorStorm and the nice-if-you-like-that-sort-of-thing F1 - while the third is developer Ninja Theory's graphically stunning slash-'em-up, Heavenly Sword.

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big_tim5845d ago

They are picking this game apart like it is a finished product. Wait a couple months and get your hands on the final version and then give us a critique of it.

happygamer5845d ago

i just hope they dont think its all about graphics i want some good gameplay also.