Brave: The Video Game Now Available in Stores Nationwide

"Brave: The Video Game, inspired by the Disney•Pixar movie “Brave,” is now available for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii™ system from Nintendo, Nintendo DS™ handheld system and Windows PC/ MAC." -- (Official Press Release)

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Urrakia343283d ago

GOTY written all over it.

adamant7153283d ago

I wonder if there are people that pre-ordered this. lol

ger23963283d ago

You'd be surprised, considering amazon was giving a $20 credit and the game includes a free movie ticket.

DeFFeR3283d ago

I pre-ordered it. I feel no shame either.

My kids love anything Pixar.

And really, I paid $1. The DS version was $29.99, but you get a $20 credit, and an $8 voucher for a movie ticket (which we were going to see anyway.)

Just means that my The Last of Us pre-order is now $20 cheaper.

TheLyonKing3283d ago

Reporting Scotland did a report on Brave as the film release and distribution of the game might tempt people to come to Scotland.

They interviewed American people "What do you think of when we say Scotland"

One guys answer was Irish people *Face Palm*
One woman's answer was police "Scotland Yard" *Double Face Palm*

this isn't going to educate people on Scotland at all haha

thornh3283d ago

Yes, I pre-ordered from It comes with a pass for the movie and $20 credit at I have four daughters including a curly-haired, red-headed four year old that doesn't give a rat's ass what metacritic has to say. Shame on the industry for cashing in on movies (I truly hope this one is somewhat decent) but playing a game with your kids is always worth it when THEY like the game.