The decline of the British gaming industry

Jon Hare, Sensible Soccer dev: "Something that is not often talked about is just how Americanized the industry became when the big media companies came in. The American approach is seen as good business, but in a lot of cases the American side of things just don't understand our humour. I tried to make a game called Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll. It was a British game with a sense of humour that I would describe as a bit like Viz magazine."

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mighty_douche4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

LBP is going to put British talent back on the map!

killer_trap4667d ago

LBP is British!!!!

seems like sony has an internal studio in every county in the globe.

mighty_douche4667d ago

yep, Media Molecule (developers of LBP) are British through and through. I believe this is their first title with Sony (or consoles in general) as their only previous titles i know of, is Rag Doll Kung Fu which was available through Steam (valve).

Joey Gladstone4667d ago

Jon Hare thinks that his opinions matter, and that someone is going to take him serious?? FOR GODS SAKE!!! HE HAS A MALE PONY TAIL???? LOL......
....."The JOEY has Spoken"

Noodlecup4667d ago


Sure British devs don't have many top games but the ones they do create are all AAA.

stuntman_mike4667d ago

i just think the games industry has changed with the times, in no other year of gaming have i seen more greed than with this gen of consoles. games companies not working on a specific platform cause it aint selling well or just making games for the highest bidder, i know it happens in the past but its just been more blatant nowadays as if they just dont care.

gaming aint as exciting as it used to be its ruled to much by money now, as in the past it was just about the game and not how much money they need to make to be successful or how much it cost to develope.