Battlefield: Heroes – Free, Online - The Future?

Electronic Arts are nearly ready to unleash their Western foray into a revitalised and radical business model. This summer Battlefield: Heroes will be free and only downloadable from the internet.

In a venture hoping to bring in both gamers who are deferred by Battlefield's steep learning curve and those not willing to shell out £40 at every new release, Battlefield: Heroes has a broad visual appeal (akin to Team Fortress 2, but we'll let them off in sake of progress), 15 minute matches and hopes to strip the game of its frenetic confusion and brick-wall difficulty.

(See the first link at the Alternative Sources below for the link to the homepage of the game.)

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ulath6664661d ago

Sounds like a bastardization of the great battlefield series.
Microtransactions for items that affect gameplay is truly awful in skillbased games. I probably wont touch this and wait for BF3 with some BF:BC inbetween

Merritt4661d ago

Blah. I'll pass, what a joke.

MK_Red4661d ago

WTF!? Do they really want to kill Battlefield? Seriously, this is like an exact oppostive of the super awesome Battlefield 2.