Surfer Girl: Assassin's Creed 2 and new Prince of Persia at Ubidays

In her latest rumors Surfer Girl states that Crytek is overseeing, but not developing the console versions of Crysis, she tells what we can except from Ubidays, what Raven Software and Infinity Ward are working on, and more.

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Dark_Vendetta4660d ago

AC2 - after the end of AC(1) we knew there would be a second one
Another PoP game - there are already leeked images = nothing new
2 Days to Vegas looks really bad - well I don't think it looks that bad, also its still in early developement. Let's look for the trailer tomorrow
Infinity Ward has begun working on Call of Duty 6 - nice :)!
GRAW3 - I liked GRAW2, so I'll maby give it a try

riksweeney4660d ago

Perhaps they should just do a remake of the first Prince Of Persia game. The second one was so awful I gave up barely an hour into it.

Nevers4660d ago

has the remastered version of PoP1... looks absolutely great.

picker3324660d ago

Who want's that game????
I've played through the 1st one & it was an awful game.
Why i played through it was becouse i thought it would have some cool cutscenes in the end,but nope.
I rather buy some Tetris game instead of Assassin's Creed 2!!!

Dark_Vendetta4660d ago

But it was still the fastest selling new IP this year

Ju4660d ago

...I didn't even get it it was over. So, these two guys leave the room and I think: "Is it over ? So, now what?"...but it sold a hellofalot.

Shankle4660d ago

Well lets hope they learn from their mistakes.

Phaqutomb4660d ago

The director of Assasins creed said they were going to have 3 instalments of the game. i forget if i read it in an online interview or in game informer.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4660d ago


They already said longa go they are working on a new POP and Will work on Assassin's Creed (Its a Triology)

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