TGS 06: Gears of War Single-Player Impressions

From Gamespot: "Earlier today, while taking a welcome break from the madness that is the Tokyo Game Show, we met with representatives from Microsoft and Epic Games and checked out the latest build of Gears of War. We weren't allowed to get our hands on the game on this occasion, but we did get to watch a member of the development team play for around 20 minutes as he talked us through some noteworthy features of the story mode."

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5850d ago
Solid Snake5850d ago

I can't wait to see all the MS fanboys have there pride ripped to shreads when this game is released and they see it's nothing more than crap Cgi, the gamesplay will be crap, mark my words!

Jay da 2KBalla5850d ago

Thats interesting considering all thats been shown is gameplay.

Sony fanboys need to get a clue.

RuffRyder5850d ago

Motostorm, Lair, MGS4 = Nothing but cgi crap!!!!
and thats already been proven, just compare the actual game play to the cgi's. so stop being desperate and STFU biatch!!!

PS3n3605850d ago

Man you just gotta ignore people who have lost speech bubbles. Obviously people dont care for what you have to say. Say something constructive like how you would improve the game or why you think it sucks cause right now you just sound ignorant.

DJ5850d ago

were all the user posts underneath it. Looks like a lot of people aren't all that impressed with the title.

PS360PCROCKS5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

why is it EVERY gears of war article is full of idiotic ps3 fans? You comment more on this game than you do anything else, it's obviously because your scared, everyone knows including ps3 pansies that this game looks and plays phenomonal! Oh wait ps3 fans do you smell that? Oh must be another burnt up ps3 at TGS...your comments are besides the point so just go away, damn. Oh also "DJ" the only stated in the users opinions were people complaining about the 10 hour single player on DEFAULT mode...this doesn't have anything to do with people being "unimpressed" with the game

RuffRyder5850d ago

Its obvious that once again sony has brought nothing but dissapointment to TGS, which is why your posting on the 360 side. For you to say that people arent impressed with gears just shows how desperate you are! your pathetic.

Jay da 2KBalla5850d ago (Edited 5850d ago )

THE killer app of 2006

TheMART5850d ago

Great to see scared Sony fans crawling around here.

Just join the Locust you guys, crawling out of the ground with the PS and be chopped in two with the chainsawgun.

That's what the 360 will do to the PS3 this Christmas with killer app Gears will be. There will be not one PS3 title holding it up this year and far into the next one. Not one.

I hope X06 brings much new things on Gears, I think they will. Emergence Day is near. Little more then one month to go and I'm all hyped about it

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