Console Round-Up: Plus Real story of Xbox 360 RROD's

Inquirer writes:

"The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a very interesting interview with someone close to the RROD failures that the Xbox 360 has suffered since its earliest incarnation.

If there was ever a great Wii headline this is it. Tech Digest reports "Man invented the Nintendo Wii eight years ago, in his underpants, using a Dreamcast ".

In a new release, Nintendo has touted a 'broad software lineup' for the first half of the new year with some 65 Wii titles and 85 for the DS. The release schedule for the US can be seen here."

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nix4659d ago

"Duplicate Story: (9 minutes ago)
A mix of duplicate stories all in one place every single topic. Rehased 3 times over.
Reported by: power of Green"

especially the RROD! he he he.. kidding POG! run along now..

AllroundGamer4658d ago

hey now, don't be so cruel to POG, only because he is... special. :D

nix4658d ago

didn't know he was a "special" kid. q:

Bathyj4658d ago

they are expecting a million failures

Well thats new, news.

And yet still no recall.

Kleptic4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

they will never do a recall unless some sort of hazard is reported...

right now a bricked 360 only causes battered-spouse syndrome, w/ screwed owners lashing out at the general public about how superior the 360 is in every way...and how MS has "enlightened" them...with reports also of total blame on Sony, in that Sony somehow made this fiasco up...and caused their 360 to fail 3 times and running...

so, er...wait...I guess they should do a recall...

P4KY B4658d ago

"ALL!!! will probably fail early"

I'm on my 4th and now its started to freeze on me and give me the disk unreadable message. So I expect to get the red rings within the next few weeks.

cr33ping_death4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

i got some white dots on my screen early this week. it breaks one month after warranty and i have to pay 99 bucks to have it repaired. canceled my live account....though its good till feb since they had already charged my card for it. not paying MS for their [email protected] ups.

mighty_douche4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

Look, we all know the 360 isnt reliable, M$ are trying to improve things and they gave an extra 2 years warrenty to their early consoles.

Sure, they should of tested their produces better but hey, its M$, they allow their paying customers to do their testing for them.

Personally, i wouldnt invest my money in any piece of hardware with such problems as the 360.

titntin4658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

With the games they have had, a real gamer can't afford not to have a 360 - in addition to a PS3
RROD are of course much discussed, but I was shocked to read comments with regard to the Engineering Quality Assurance. It's not made clear if this is refering to the initial production phases, or is still applicable to the current manufacturing process. You would hope that having the issues they have had, MS would see the long term value in investing in serious QA to ensure there were no more damaging hardware issues! This has been an issue holding them back.

mighty_douche4658d ago

I agree with 99% of what you said, but...

"a real gamer can't afford not to have a 360"

Personally i find that quite insulting (i know you didnt mean it to come across like that though). Theres more gamers without a 360 than with.

THAMMER14658d ago (Edited 4658d ago )

I agree with 100% of what titntin said, but...

"A real gamer can't afford not to have a 360"

Personally I find that quite correct (Who gives an [email protected] @ss about your fan boy feelingsmighty_douche). There are more gamers without a PS3 than with a 360. <-(This is why you are bitter!!!!!)

Why do you hate on the 360 so much? I know if the PS3 was being attacked right now you would be all talking $#!T about XBOTS this and that. Please find some thing else to sell your self out on.

mighty_douche4658d ago

ah did i hurt your little feels? ahhh im sorry.... but i was talking to tintin, not you.

"Why do you hate on the 360 so much?"...
please show me where the f*ck theres any hate in my comments? the real question should be..
"why do you bum the 360 so much?"

if you dont like my comments, hit ignore, dont read them, whatever, but dont scream at me like some little girl when im trying to have an adult conversation with tintin, someone whos opinion hold weight unlike yours.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4658d ago

Apperanty you won't invest your money in your consoles games ether. At least we have games and buy them, what is your excuse? Even with the RROD the 360 still stomps on the PS3, WHY? We outsell you in games, consoles, online and are games allways look better 95% of the time. Please enlghten me on you PS3rd Droid wisdom and explane these strange out of this world mysteries. I mean I could understand you if your console was't in dlast in every catigory accept "movies".

I know your going to go touting "worldwide" PS3 sales while leaving out NA in those "worldwide" figures like your PS3rd Droids seem to do. In reality though the 360 outsells the PS3 when you actualy add the "worldwide" figures. You know after looking at the NPD data for last month, PC isn't to far behind you so I guess soon we can call you the PS4th.

thewhoopimen4658d ago

"a real gamer can't afford not to have a 360"

How about a real gamer builds a custom PC rig instead of cheap-skating on $300 system?

I certainly prefer the "PLETHORA" of games that the PC has over the Xbox360... any day of the week 24/7

@Mighty_douche There was absolutely nothing wrong with your statement. I'm on your side.

waltercross4658d ago

"a real gamer can't afford not to have a 360"

so in other words, everyone who does not have a 360 is not a REAL gamer?, them are some very bold words, there are more gamers worldwide without a 360 then with one.

we are talking, PS3/PS2/PSP/DS/WII/COMPUTER and countless numbers of them people may not own a 360.

I'm a real gamer, yet right now I can very much afford not to have a 360, I prefer reliability over everything else, I want to play my favorite title rather then waiting for my system to get repaired.

LastDance4658d ago

"they allow their paying customers to do their testing for them."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that is the funniest thing ive read alllllll year.

Ill come out with the hate i dont mind....X box is souless...Just because it has lots of games doesnt mean they are GOOD...Sh!t man you can have Lost planet. I can defintly Afford not to play Halo 3. Bioshock is good. Real good.
Ive been playing Games since Sega master system. Im a real gamer.
I cant believe after all the failure people put up with it..
Its unbelievable. it really is.

KozmoOchez4657d ago

According to the last ps store update there was a video with lost planet coming to the ps3!!!! I love that game, seems that for some reason they wanted to broaden their horizon, im not saying anything bad toward MS, but isn't this the same thing that was happening to Sony earlier, exclusives leaving???? Have the tables turned or is it just some minor detail that doesnt need to be looked at...

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kenjix4658d ago

I need to go into the business of selling faulty equipment, there's a fortune to be made on some of these chumps.

GodGinrai4658d ago

well seeing as MS repairs them for free (on my 3rd!) your services wont be needed anytime soon.continue with your day job at KFC.

waltercross4658d ago

Your 3rd repair?, ok, not to sound Fanboyish, I Have the original XBOX, it's better then the 360, anyways...ok It's a free repair right?, but your third??, how much time does this take out of your playtime?, why do people constantly defend MS and there faulty hardware?, I've seen it many times now, It's not a Logical concept.

AAACE54658d ago

I agree with you 100%!

Sony sold the Ps2, which frequently went out probably as much as the 360 does, and they made a killin'! Then when you called sony about your ps2 getting the "Disc read error" problem. They tell you to pack it up and send it to michigan(with your money), and they would contact you with the bill. Which was about $140!

I guess MS just happened to get caught while they were trying to reach 100 million like ps2 did!

I guess asking your gamers to get an internet connection is a bad thing. Cause then they might be able to converse with eachother about how many problems they are having with your product! I see why sony didn't push the issue with the ps2. They were smart!

Someone should have told MS that we can't be tricked like that more than 5 times!

KozmoOchez4657d ago

My Ps2 never had to be sent back, but it did stop reading everything except ps2 games(cd's, dvd's, ps1 games)

waltercross4657d ago

I Heard about the PS2 Issues, though my PS2 never had any Issues, but Sony fixed the Issue pretty quick, how old is the 360 now?, around 2 years right?, yet the issue is not 100 percent fixed, If MS would just go all out and totally fix the RROD, I'd buy a 360 in a heartbeat, I'm not Bias, I Just would like a reliable system to play games on.

I'll eventually own all of the next Generation systems, though if MS never fully fixes the RROD, I'll never buy a 360 It's that simple, I Will buy a Wii however.

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