Age of Conan delayed again, tech video released

Funcom has once again pushed back the release of their Age of Conan MMO. The game was already pushed back last August when it received the March 25th release date because the devs wanted to "focus on honing, polishing and improving the heralded qualities of the game, ensuring a fantastic MMO experience when it launches next spring."

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Snoozer2824666d ago

Its a shame but I suppose its for the best.

Anilom4666d ago

So its ok for Xbox game to be delayed but not for ps3. Whatever!!

AngryHippo4666d ago are you talking about?! No, its ok for any game to be delayed as long as its benefitial to the game and the people that will playing it. If a game gets delayed and for valid reason such as this then why not if it means a better experience at the end of it. Dont rise to the little idiots on this site, its not worth it. There are [email protected] that are microsoft supporters and ones that are sony supporters and they will do anything to wind people up, use the ignore button, it helps.

Seijuurou4666d ago

Anybody who buys this on the 360 is an idiot anyways. MMOs simply don't belong on consoles. That's not saying I'm not a console gamer. I own all 3 consoles. There's just no way that you can maintain efficiency in a raid or pvp for that matter on a console.

For one you have communication. Unless this game comes damn good voice communication then there's no reason for the console gamers to be on there.

Then you have macros and whatnot. I don't know if your controller sprouted buttons but my 360 controller has 16 buttons. Yes, you can play it with a mouse and keyboard but at that point you might as well be playing on a computer because you'll have to be too close to keep it plugged in.

Then there's horsepower. Yes, the 360 is a powerful machine but there is absolutely no way that it won't lag in raids or sieges with it's limited RAM. On top of just the game if they do find away to do it there's user mods. In WoW I'm using 300 mb of RAM just for my user interface. Well, I guess the rest of the game had better find a way to run on 112 mb of RAM.

AngryHippo4666d ago that then there is absolutely no hope for any MMO on consoles. If developers at least try even if its not the best, at least they will be one step closer to running an MMO on a console. Quite a few MMO's on consoles coming up, this one, the Agency, ncsoft is probably going to be making guild wars for PS3, maybe you should tell the developers that MMO's will simply not work on consoles. I can understand your comment though and i respect your opinion, but it would be great if they could get an MMO on consoles to work. I would love a game that lasts me a seriously long time. My housemate is a guild wars addict, i would love to be into a game that much and never get bored.

ParaDise_LosT4665d ago

That looks pretty damn amazing

iMad4665d ago

It's amazing!
But SonyDefenceForce make their best hiding it from us no giving direct link to videio and naming topic about delay.

SonyDefenceForce are idiots.