Video: The world of Gran Turismo

Can't wait for the next great driving simulator?
Here is something to get you amped up for everything Gran Turismo.
Please enjoy and keep on racing.

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Frances-the-Mute4659d ago

so cool! brings me back to the day i got the first game, this was my first driving game, GT kicks!

Daz4659d ago

Imm not a big gt fan but that video was relly good.

solidt124658d ago

I wasn't a big GT fan until I got my PS3 and played GT Concept. I can't wait for GT5 Prologue to hit.

killer_trap4658d ago

i got the steering wheel with the clutch from logitech the G25 just for this game.

problem is i don't know if the game has a working clutch system. i don't remember GT3 & GT4 had it also since i didn't have a steering wheel back then.

StreetShine54658d ago

^^^poliphony added suport for the G25 with prologue, look on youtube there are people using g25's.
I also have the G25 and i love it so much. lol

killer_trap4658d ago

yeah it's really well built. it's expensive but it's worth every penny.

so it does support the i really wish i had the game(bubbles man).

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