Xbox World Australia Review: Devil May Cry 4 90/100

Brodie Gibbons of Xbox World Australia writes:

Devil May Cry 4 is everything a hack-and-slash should be and then some. Sadly it falters with repeated level design and a moderately troublesome camera; but in the grand scheme of things, these are only minor flaws. Devil May Cry 4 delivers an experience that is second to none on Xbox 360, so far. Held together by a solid narrative, it makes your blood boil with every fight you encounter. It's a great title, pick it up.

+ gameplay is sublime
+ decent narrative
+ Dante's "Arnie-esque" punchlines

- level repetition
- camera angle is a bother

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UnblessedSoul4666d ago

PS3 IS the better version, but if you got a 360 you will be ok. The controller is really bad for DMC though, cause im used to playing it on PS3. If you got both...please....DO YOURSELF A FAVOR....get it on PS3. There ARE mild framerate issues on the 360.

Guess that forgot to mention that, it's legit from another reviewer who has both versions

wicked4666d ago

i'll get it on xbox as it's £10 cheaper than the ps3 version in the UK. & have the xbox version @ £29.99 & ps3 £39.99

poos34666d ago

to make multi plat games look as good as the 360 version they need to use more money that why most ps3 games are more expensive than the 360 version even exclusive cost more on the ps3

poos34666d ago

to make multi plat games look as good as the 360 version they need to use more money that why most ps3 games are more expensive than the 360 version even exclusive cost more on the ps3

richie007bond4666d ago

Ive just unblessed one of ur bubbles and sent it to HELL.......LOL

LeonSKennedy4Life4666d ago

No, seriously...shut up dude. They ported the PS3 version over to the 360. Since the PS3's infrastructure is so open, you can move over a lot of the coding into the 360. It's much easier to port it to the 360 than the PS3, now that developers have knowledge about the Cell.

I don't want to get techy with you, because that just leads to some guy posting a three-hour-speech about why he knows more big words than us. Let's keep this really simple.

- It does not cost them more.

- Cloverfield was a freakin' awesome movie.

- The framerate is fine.

- The 360 version is the one with screen-tearing (read any other reviews)

- The reviewers will continue to give it 9/10 because they don't like giving a hack 'n slash a 10/ matter how much better it is than every other 10/10.


jackdoe4665d ago

Sh!t. I am a PS3 owner myself, will get the PS3 version, but poster 1 is a fvcking dumbass. Just report his post.

360Crusader4665d ago

Sources and more then one please? I already made the mistake of buying A.C. for PS3 which had worse frame rate issues then the 360 version.
And wasnt that game a PS3 exclusive for a while. So why the hell was it worse? Anyways that doesnt matter. But I'd like to see all these reviews that claim frame rate problems for the 360!?

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gunnerforlife4666d ago

im so gone get this for ps3:) its jsut were it belongs, its like wen u move house(couldnt sleep for a month) it just dont feel right.

predator4666d ago

cant wait to play it, another great review and their both the SAME on each console, enjoy the game.

also could someone bubble me up, i lost one for mentioning game with the main character wearing a green suit Thanks

predator4666d ago

for saying that i liked halo 3, and saying that i hope killzone 2 doesnt dissapoint, and that i liked killzone 1, i didnt know that comment was bad?

gunnerforlife4666d ago

it wasent bruv a just dident understand wat u said:) lol

gunnerforlife4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )


ThaGeNeCySt4666d ago

I lost a bubble for saying the PS3 YLOD probably happens 2 consoles a year WORLDWIDE :(

texism4665d ago

What are you guys even talking about? I lost 5 bubbles OVERNIGHT for saying "LAIR is a disappointment."

It was one line of text too. Just one.

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picker3324666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I bet when theps3 review of Dmc4 comes it will get 7/10 & 360 9/10.
always dissing the ps3.Stupid if you ask me!

liquidsnake4666d ago

The controls are a bit crappier on the 360 version. I've also heard that it will suffer from screen tearing and slight framedrops.

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