Rage: The Scorchers rating suggests DLC for Rage inbound

A rating for Rage: The Scorchers has been spotted online, leading to speculation that Bethesda may be about to release a downloadable add-on for the id Software-developed first-person shooter.

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mewhy322409d ago

I loved Rage. I hope that the DLC rumor is true.

TrueGaming2409d ago

I honestly think its a little too late seeing how it's been out so long that its price is marked for $12-$18. I thought the game was good ( great enemy ai , good graphics @ 60fps ) but flawed ( not to mention that the 360 version has almost no pop in but the ps3 version is riddled with it , dunno bout pc version). When I think about rage getting dlc now... It's like beating a dead horse, would I play it? Sure if it looks worth it but tbh it should've had a horde mode from the start seeing how I couldn't get enough of fighting the mutants with that crazy ass shotgun... parting words, I think its personally a waste of time & ID should be full steam ahead with DOOM 4 ... LOnG LIve GaMinG !!!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32409d ago

I still have the game but they'll need to do something special with that dlc...

Larry L2409d ago

Saying too little, too late is not only awfully harsh on a game that really only got torn apart in the media post launch because mega-textures didn't work so smoothly on current gen consoles.......but it's also pretty ironic in a bad way to say "too little, too late" about a RAGE DLC rumor in one sentance, then to end your post with "long live gaming".

RAGE's cheap price at retail combined with a really good DLC pack could work out pretty well. Rage isn't a total failure, it did sell over 2 millin copies, and if alot of good info starts flowing about an expansion, they'll probably get a nice retail sales boost, and since it's cheap, alot of those will be "new" (meaning not used) sales, and those new sales, new or used would be customers that have buying the DLC in mind as well.

The game is already a decent success regardless of how many people (on the internet who think their overly-critical opinion speaks for all gamers) want to bash the game for no good reason. And a DLC pack will only equate to more profits for Bethesda and iD, which will contribute to making DOOM 4 even better.

About the DLC itself: I hope it's true. I absolutely LOVE RAGE on PS3. Even though I havn't played in a while, an expansion will bring me right back in. I hope it's all about co-op. As great as the game is, it was really lacking in co-op with only 8 missions. Maybe this DLC will be a whole co-op game almost instead of just missions.

I'd never trade RAGE in because it's the only modern game (on consoles) that brings me back to the feelings I had playing DOOM, DOOM 2 and Final DOOM, so no matter what I'd buy any DLC for it. It's that same gameplay style and atmosphere which no games have anymore.....they've all gone the way of CoD or Halo. Well I say give me less CoDs and Halos, and give me more DOOMs and Killzones. Tough, strategic gameplay and great atmosphere>>>user friendly gameplay and mass popularity, any day in my book.
And RAGE is all that and then some. Old School to the core.

TrueGaming2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Larry go check your pm for your reply TROLL... old school to the core my ass

Trenta272409d ago

I could not stand that game. The AI was insane, the weapons were badass, the graphics were incredible, but the freakin story bored me to no end. The sad thing is that I'm a apocalypse nutt. Rage just isn't for me, I guess.

rmedtx2409d ago

I couldn't agree more. When I first started playing it and saw the graphics I was blown away. But it soon got old. It's sooooo boring.

InTheLab2409d ago

Rage? You mean that open ended corridor shooter? I'm sure it will be more dudes sitting in a cramped hallway waiting to be slaughtered...

Also, is the scoped pistol in this game the worst gun in all of gaming? I have a scope in one hand, and a pistol in the other, and they somehow work together?

Grimhammer002409d ago

I never found it boring. Certainly not as boring as the stellar borderlands.

I just think that the lack of a strong single villain made it feel less rewarding. And the ending was so meh...I can't even remember it.

But the graphics! To think that with a bit less popin...this would be the logical cod upgrade as cod runs on quake engine which is the grandfather of rages engine.

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