PSU Exclusive: First Look at 2 Days 2 Vegas

First look at 2 Days 2 Vegas. All new screenshots and details on the development of the game.

PSU Writes:

"Looking for something that might provide a more emotional and story driven experience than Grand Theft Auto? Perhaps a game that makes you feel like the choices you make effect the outcome of the storyline? Then 2 Days 2 Vegas should be at the top spot on your list...

First off, let us just get this out of the way. 2 Days 2 Vegas will appear on the PC and Xbox 360 this Christmas, and then be followed by the PlayStation 3 release soon after in 2009....

Now let's talk about the new screenshots. All the images we present today and the videos we show off tomorrow are from a very early build of the game. What you will see is basically the game at 50% completion. To further describe it, such things as ambient filters (lighting, shading, etc) and anti aliasing (smoothing of edges on objects and models) has not been added. Although rest assured, Tim confirmed with us that the game will have both when shown later this year."

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power of Green 4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Good looking out with the hands on... none the less.

Graphics are comming along, looking at the first pic looking at the bottle of Beer made me thirsty.

#2 Agreed! one day I might not have to suck on salt while getting news from PSU, I was thinking the same thing.

IzKyD13314665d ago

wow, first people are unsure if its coming to the 360 at all, then they say its coming to the 360 first, thats just gay.....

Genki4665d ago

Clear, concise, no confusion. Good that they linked to their previous preview and stated the distinction between this article and the older one.

Beyond that, good info.

NoUseMerc4665d ago

Yeah, we have slipped up in the past, but I hope that over the next few weeks I can help make that up to you guys. I don't think I have ever written anything controversial on PSU...most of my stuff recently is interviews, features, and what not.

Just to give you guys a heads up. After this 2 Days 2 Vegas thing...I have so much cool stuff lined up for PSU!

- Condemned 2 Feature (dev interview, new screens, etc)
- Brothers In Arms Interview
- Dark Sector Interview / New Screenshots

and one of the coolest and biggest things... a Killzone 2 feature lined up with Sony for February (or early March...SCEA is off and on).

Guwapo774664d ago

Keep up the hard work regardless of what the fanboys say. Your doing good work and thanks for coming on here explaining and updating your work. /salute

ngg123454665d ago

GTA SA? This make Saints row look amazing. Probably this game will suck.

green4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

How can you compare screenshots of a game thats only 50% complete to games like Saints Row and GTA4 that are complete or around 96% complete in the case of GTA4.

Its best you wait for more up to date screenshots

ngg123454665d ago

Thegame is from a company that liquidated and then moved so it didn't have to pay 60 employees money. So corrupt, that I can't ever see myself buying one of these companies games, and so corrupt that this game has no chance of being good. These screens are probably pre rendered aswell.

NoUseMerc4665d ago

Well you guys remember what Sufer Girl posted as an early build of Resistance 2 right? And now look at it.

So just give this game some time, and I am sure it will impress you.

Also stay tuned for the video on Tuesday!

poos34665d ago

u weren't saying that when u thought it was a ps3 exclusive hahahahahaha SONYTOLLS THEY ARE funny

ngg123454665d ago

This looks terrible
Target render, this looks like junk.

Stop acting like a care about crap.

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Nicosia4665d ago

nice job psu! As i had suspected the other screens where prolly target renders.But time will tell :)

FirstknighT4665d ago

"First off, let us just get this out of the way. 2 Days 2 Vegas will appear on the PC and Xbox 360 this Christmas, and then be followed by the PlayStation 3 release soon after in 2009...."

Does this mean it was developed on the 360 first?

green4665d ago

i dont think so.If it is then that will be pretty strange since it was never confirmed for the 360 until a few days ago.
but they might use the extra time to add a bit of extra content on the PS3,so i dont think PS3 owners are getting the long end of the stick.

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The story is too old to be commented.