Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor (Xbox 360 / Kinect) Review [KINECTaku]

KINECTaku's mech-loving Damien McFerran writes:

"Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor is a glorious failure, a noble attempt to reconcile the previously disconnected casual and hardcore camps."

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EVILDEAD3603408d ago

LOL..I called this review from these guys a long time ago..jackpot.


LightofDarkness3408d ago

Man, play the demo. This game just doesn't work. If the controls are anything akin to the demo, this is nothing but an exercise in frustration.

NukaCola3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )


Look bro. Who cares? Your precious game sucks. So does 99% of all Kinect titles and for not sounding like I'm a douche here, motion titles in general. Call your friends at Microsoft and tell them advertise and it will sell millions like that other embarrassment Star Wars.

Every reviewer says this game is terrible. It happens man. Not all the games we want to be great are. Some suck. Buy the game if you want. Remember reviews are just opinions anyway. I mean mostly. They do also tell you whether the game technically performs, which this one is apparently udderly horrid.

EVILDEAD3603408d ago

Lol..aww Nuka did a strike a's ok man..I just said I called the review a long ago from a comment made offline.

If the game sucks it sucks..whether it's Steel Batallion or Sorcery. But from what I played I'm definately going to rent it and check it out. Nothing kore or nothing less my opinion alone.

At the end of the day, if it actually is complete trash then it still doesn't mean that every game on the system is bad, just like when a non-motion control game that gets a horrible review doesn't mean it's indicative of the whole console.

There's clearly a reason the game didn't make the E3 stage this year..and I'm sure MS knew it wasn't their best look for Kinect at the end of the day.


lodossrage3408d ago

You guys have NEVER seen me talk bad about Kinect. I was probably among the few that said "give it a chance" Even after Rise of Nightmare came out.

THIS was the ONE game I waited for with Kinect. But once I played the demo I knew my faith in Kinect and Steel Battalion was a bad call. So yes, NOW (after holding off due to faith) I've already sold my Kinect and the few games I had for it.

You can only have faith in it so long before you say enough is enough. It just doesn't work for the normal games. And I don't have kids at my place to use it for all those kiddie games. So, off it went.