2007 Playstation Store in review

The Playstation 3 has had a rough year in 2007, many claimed the PS3 has no games and that the PSN is mediocre. This couldn't be further from the truth. The Playstation 3 has had games and the PSN has been doing ok so far. Listed in the blog is a full and complete list of all PSN games, PS1 Classics, and video game demos released on the Playstation store in 2007. Not only does the blog cover all North American titles, but also many Japanese and European updates as well.

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Close_Second4664d ago

...the layout of PSN to that of XBL Marketplace (XBLM). Its more intuitive and mimics what you'd expect when using an e-commerce site.

XBLM may have more content but that will change as you have to start somewhere.

Korosuke4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

I hope US store would accept my credit card and expand classic libraries(PS1) as bib as JP store.
So I can play many games which didn't come here past ages.

lib94664d ago

this is almost a month old.

GDInc4664d ago

reading their latest blog post it says that someone is taking over their maybe their still in the process of updating...

Lord Cheese4664d ago

is there anything for psn that is similar to for live? An rss feed indicating things added to the psn store would be great - its very frustrating having to piece together whats being added from loads of different places! :O)

GDInc4664d ago

the site has an RSS feed u can subscribe to.

But they haven't updated at all this idk...but it'd be nice if sony did one themselves