Another four Gears of War pics

Here are a couple of images that many of you have seen, but some haven't. These looks absolutely great. The great thing about these ones is that they are a little bit clearer but still no Hi res.

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DOLBY DI GA TAL pf5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I read the artical on how this game didn't make some editor's top 8 list. He needs a new job.

kmis875853d ago

That article was based solely on graphics and not gameplay and it only took into account games playable at TGS, so its uncertain if GoW was considered for the list since it wasn't playable in public.

Jay da 2KBalla5853d ago


Killer app of 2006

5853d ago
PS360PCROCKS5853d ago

Mod- please take another bubble from this moron. Anyways this game looks fabulous, great detail, gameplay, I can't wait, this is definetly the game of the year

Solid Snake5853d ago

I will just use one of my many accounts, if i get banned!

TheMART5853d ago

It looks like Solid Snake = Lametime actually. Just as dumb as always

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pRo loGic II5853d ago (Edited 5853d ago )

I can't make up my mind on wich game looks better than any other game on any other console, is it "Gow"?, is it "MASS EFFECT"?, is it "LOST Planet"?, is it "Lost Odyssey"?, is it Huxley? and many more. I just can't tell. Expect Too Human to be drasticlly different looking by the time it releases. Halo 3 also. There's NO! getting around the 360's power. Lets see what the devs come up with now that they have to take advantage of the 360 to compete with the PS3. good time are coming for 360 fans. It's almost time to watch some Payton vs Hassleback.

M3RCUTIO5853d ago

This is looking pretty tops. Here's hoping for online co-op!

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