Are Games Becoming too Graphic?

First of all I want to make things perfectly clear, I have no problem with violence in video games. In fact, often times violence enhances the overall experience of the player by helping to make the player feel a part of a real situation. I felt the need to discuss this topic after watching a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

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smashcrashbash2408d ago

Again with the violence hate? Where is this coming from?

TheXtremePulse2408d ago

who is hating on violence? Did you read the article?

madjedi2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

Just because you consider something too graphic, does not mean everyone else does.

Gross, what do you think would happen if you shot or sliced open a person or animal. Have you never watched any war movies like braveheart or full metal jacket. We have a rating system for a reason.

I love the hypocritical gamers that will bash gears, killzone, god of war ect for it's blood, gore and excessive violence. But will consider mario, zelda, rachet and clank ect, perfectly fine child friendly games because you don't see any blood or gore.

Sorry but those games all involve you killing other beings rather mechanical or organic. Regardless of blood or not the games are still violent, i wonder how many adult gamers claim to dislike violent games.

But still plays games daily that involve killing living beings or curb stomping goombas.

Nice to see that hollywood still gets a free pass on what gaming is always under fire for.

avengers19782408d ago

I'm an adult, In my opinion no games are not to graphic... not compared to real life

braydox212408d ago

hmmm as long its not a oversheltering suburban mother then its ok,

WeskerChildReborned2408d ago

Compared to early generation gaming, yes but i have no problem with it.

badz1492408d ago

good graphics help in providing good gameplay and who says game can't look good to be good? PC gamers are beating the hell out of their chest for having to play games at their highest setting for years!

Kos-Mos2408d ago

Are you serious???? Why is it still much more entertaining playing Mario 3 than gears 3?

madjedi2408d ago

Buddy it's called an opinion and neither yours or mine is the correct one or the truth.

badz1492408d ago

of course it's not fun lol! /jk

joking aside, Mario 3 maybe fun (personally I don't like it) but with the improvement in graphics and physics in games, I doubt it's better than the likes of Rayman Origins in any way imaginable! play that game and if you still think that Mario 3 is better after that, than I think that fat plumber already owns you and nothing else will save you from your 8bit dream!

madjedi2408d ago

Right i guess for a certain section of gamers, want only cartoon mario or rachet and clank violence. That or games should not better themselves with realistic skeleton and muscles system.

Just because your not fond of blood or gore, doesn't mean the rest of us want to play only pg or teen games.