British Gaming Blog Interview - Naughty Dog's Evan Wells

British Gaming Blog Mark Brown Writes:

With Uncharted: Drake's Fortune out the door, earning numerous "Game of the Year" awards and accolades for Californian Developer Naughty Dog, Co-President Evan Wells found some time between celebrating the release and jotting down notes for their next title to answer some of our burning questions on working with the Playstation 3 and deciding what type of game to make…

Some highlights:

BGB: Nathan and Elena's adventures are surely not over yet. What sort of locations would you like to see the newly formed duo explore?

EW: That's the million dollar question! If we told you that we'd have to kill you.

BGB: PlayStation Network Titles and Xbox Live Arcade are getting more and more popular with large developers lending their hand at shorter, simple titles – is this something that Naughty Dog would ever pursue?

EW: It's definitely a possibility. Often times, between projects, you find a certain portion of your game team with some spare time as pre-production on your next major title is still ramping up. A smallish project that could be downloaded on the PSN might be the perfect answer to keep a team busy.

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Whoooop4659d ago

I'm just in love with Naughty Dog.


yeah I know... gay

Baba19064659d ago

im still playing uncharted. i bought the game on release day. Love it.

neogeo4659d ago

and have alot more monsters and si-fi bosses. They will really get a handle on the PS3 and push it in new ways.

I expect alot less jungle and alot more city.

Cyrus3654658d ago

Well considering they have said the "machine is a beast" and seeing what Insomanic is pushing with Resistance 2, they should be able to up the ante.