PSU: Warhawk -- Operation: Omega Dawn Review 8.5/10

PSU's Eric Blattberg Writes:

Warhawk is revived with the addition of a brilliant new vehicle, the KT-424 Combat Dropship, and the new industrial Omega Factory map. Operation: Omega Dawn is fantastic.

All in all, while Operation: Omega Dawn doesn't exactly revolutionize Warhawk, it is certainly a natural evolution which nicely complements what's already present. With full support for the 1.2 update, it's easy to see what games are for 'OD' (Omega Dawn) players. Add in some new map layouts to the Dropship and Omega Factory, and you've got yourself a nice little package, available for a completely affordable $7.99. Don't hesitate to give this expansion a try.


+ Awesome Combat Dropship doesn't unbalance gameplay
+ Omega Factory map is a blast
+ Full support for the 1.2 update


- Essentially $7.99 for one new map and vehicle

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Cyrus3654661d ago

Just wish they added a bit more to the Download pack, like a new weapon, maybe another map as well.

znu4661d ago

im not gonna bother with it unless they get new weps characters and maps. i dont wanna pay $10 cause i hardly c any omega dawn servers and its just 1 new ship and map.

Cyrus3654661d ago

That's the point, if they added more to the DLC, like a few new maps, vechicle, and weapons, you'd see more people pick it up.