Why PS3, Not Xbox Was My Netflix Machine Father's Day Gift

Forbes: This Father’s Day I had a dilemma on my hands. My dad had expressed an interest in seeing what this newfangled Netflix thing was all about, and I thought a good gift would be a box through which he could get the streaming service.

Naturally, as a gamer, my first thought turned to which console I could get him that would serve as a primary Netflix box. Yes, I could go with AppleTV, but if I’d never used it, teaching him would be a chore. Plugging in a laptop each time via HDMI would be too much of a hassle, and so I went with my original assertion, picking and choosing between which gaming console I’d get my dad. It was a present I never thought I’d give.

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Emilio_Estevez2316d ago

Seems like an obvious choice if you were to pick a console to stream Netflix for a not techy person. But why not a Roku box?

Snookies122316d ago

Lol, I said the same thing right as your comment was posted.

Zuperman2316d ago

Another dumb This Vs That debate, If you have Netflix for one or the other platform, great. Enjoy it. lmfao..

darthv722316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

I stream netflix on wii, ps3, 360 and 3ds.

When it comes to streaming netflix in general I use an LG bluray player. It is the main player for all things movies and is the easiest device for my wife to use.

As for this article, why he didnt just go with either a dedicated netflix box or a bluray player is odd. Especially if the intended party is someone who isnt to tech savvy.

There are wireless bluray players for under $100 that can do netflix, vudu, hulu and a slew of other streaming services these days.

Dlacy13g2316d ago

or... he could have just bought dad a new smart TV with Netflix in it. Not sure what his dad's TV situation is but these kinds of TV's are brilliant options for those only looking to do Netflix. You can get a great 30-32 inch smart LCD TV for just about the same price as the different console bundles these days.

Dlacy13g2316d ago

or even better yet...

He could have bought Dad the Sony Blu Ray Player w/ Wifi(Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, facebook & Twitter apps) for $120 via Best Buy (Model: BDPS390).

My point I think there are far better cost options for getting someone a machine for Netflix play than a 360 or a PS3.


I agree with you guys that are better options for non tech savy people, but what if his father happens to look interested in gaming?

I know my father would randomly join me in a match of International Superstar Soccer when I was a kid and it was great fun, despite he being completelly out of his confort zone. If he was still alive I would totally give him a PS3, imagine rocking out BF3 with your old man!

Other thing to consider is if it's a trojan horse of a present... Give your father a PS3, so you can play when you are visiting! LOL

pixelsword2316d ago

...the heck is a Roku box?

Army_of_Darkness2315d ago

The HD quality does not compare. besides, I'm sure any father would want more than just a bluray player eventually.

moparful992315d ago

@Dlacy13g You cannot buy a smart tv for the same price as a console.. A 32 inch lcd hd tv costs 2-3 hundred right now.. a vizio 32 inch lcd smart tv is $369 right now..

Kurt Russell2315d ago

I bought my dad a card and a bottle of whisky.

Arnon2315d ago

If I were to do this, I'd get him a 4gb 360 with Kinect, and a membership to Netflix. Using Kinect with netflix is a godsend for browsing, and my dad is a computer radio engineer, so he'd get a kick out of using Kinect as well.

ChrisGTR12315d ago

ehh last time i checked u needed a xbox live membership to even use netflix on xbox so obviously ps3 is a better choice top that off with a bluray player.

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nukeitall2316d ago

I was going to say the same thing, the Roku supports more apps than PS3 and cost a fraction of it, uses less power and is easier to use. You don't have to use a controller and instead use a remote like device.

Emilio_Estevez2316d ago

Yeah, but it doesn't have a Blu-Ray player, which could be another reason for it.

nukeitall2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

Blu-ray feature is hardly worth $150-200 extra?

If it was such an issue, here is a blu-ray player with netflix for $80 and it doesn't have that pesky controller:

Also, Roku gets Angry Bird! XD

moparful992315d ago

@nuke Sony makes a really nice tv style remote for the ps3 that works brilliantly and also has the square, x, circle, and triangle buttons.. Buying a ps3 as a primary netflix device isn't as bad of a deal as you all are making it out to be.. The blu-ray and access to the playstation movie store makes it a great movie device...

Persistantthug2316d ago

So in his case, the PS3 makes sense.

showtimefolks2316d ago


Godmars2902316d ago

You said it yourself: for some even a Roku is too technical. That or they don't advertise on TV.

Though anyone looking will just find a TV with streaming capability.

hazelamy2315d ago

because then you wouldn't be able to play games on it as well.

Hayabusa 1172315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

I was going to say exactly the same thing everyone else was going to say: why not just buy a Roku box? Everyone else said it even though the first comment already said it, yet everyone still felt the need to say what's already been said, so I said it as well :)

mewhy322315d ago

I agree with Emilio. If you were going to buy a streaming device then they should have just bought a Roku box.

r1sh122315d ago (Edited 2315d ago )

This whole debate between and xbox or ps3 (for netflix) is mute I think.
He said it was money that made him decide for the ps3 which is a fair conclusion and I would agree with it.
But as a few people have pointed out, there are significantly cheaper devices that support netflix and do an equally good job for streaming when compared with the ps3/xbox.
A cheap blu ray player will be the first thing that comes to mind, and if he wanted all the extra features a samsung smart blu ray player would have satisfied all the needs which would have worked out cheaper. This sort of thing seems its a bit like flame bait, because there are at least another 99 devices that deliver the same content for less than a ps3/xbox...

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Snookies122316d ago

A Roku player would have worked as well. XD

Christopher2316d ago

Yeah, don't get why you'd get a console in the first place. I get his choice of one with a 'friendlier' user interface, but I'd rather show my dad how to navigate to the Netflix icon on the PS3 and give him a Blu-ray player as well as the other video streaming options out there without any annual costs.

nukeitall2316d ago (Edited 2316d ago )

They have that too, and it's not a PS3 and cost far less at $80 (one third):

I don't see it either. Maybe dad will play some games once he figures out the interface?

TekoIie2316d ago

I just cant get over how this can be made into an article. Yeh for just Netflix then the PS3 is the one to go for but really?

How much further can gaming journalism fall?

Condemnedman2315d ago

This is the type of lame articles that make it to the front page of this site it's posted by some right sad losers trying to push the notion that every one should buy a PS3 over an Xbox :-#,

iceman28852316d ago

The other obvious advantage for PS3 over 360 as one's "Netflix Machine" (if your not gonna go for the cheaper Roku or AppleTV) is that it plays Blu-Ray.

darthv722316d ago

options on the market that play bluray as well as the various streaming services.

moparful992315d ago

But with a ps3 you also have access to the playstation movie store and you can rent or buy and save them to your hard drive..

Soldierone2316d ago

If he is a gamer I can see getting him a console. However I wanted to get my girlfriend's parents something to watch Netflix on, so I got them a Blu-ray player....only 80 dollars, watches Blu-rays, and an easy keyboard style peripheral to type on Netflix, all through wi-fi too.

The only reason I'd get my (or her) parents a PS3 was for free chat on it. However we live within a good radius and see them all the time, so no need for it.

Moncole2316d ago

The reason you would get your parents a PS3 is stupid, you have free chat on everything. You can use Facebook, email and texts.

Soldierone2316d ago

The point is keeping it away from the computer, and something on the TV.....

I don't see how MY viewpoint is stupid just because its different than yours though. I'm on my PS3 a lot, it would make for communication to be a lot easier, and can have video on the TV.

moparful992315d ago

Soldier he's just a sony hater and any reasonable opinion in favor of the ps3 obviously angers him so let him fume in his own little world... Just a troll..