Could Sub-Prime Sink Nintendo?

Gameplayer's James Cottee looks into how the current sub-prime dilemma will affect the games industry, suggesting that the family focused Nintendo products could cop the fall out.

"In other words, a US recession could kill the Wii."

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killer_trap4666d ago

i think i read more than enough articles about how the Wii will fail. and i'm positively sure that what ever trend hardware sales will follow for the first 3 months of 2008 it'll keep for the rest of the year. and as far as i know the Wii is still outselling other systems on weekly bases.

what i'm trying to say is that the wii outselling both the 360 and ps3 won't have a drastic effect on any of them. and developers know each hardware's market and wii continue releasing the appropriate game for it.

i don't care if the wii ends up selling 200 million systems. however i do hope ps3 & 360 hit a much larger install base than what they already have so developers can support them with more games.

Tsalagi4666d ago

Not that i'm a Nintendo fanboy or anything but if anyone is going to be affected by the whole subprime mess it will be the higher priced PS3 and 360. The Wii being at $250 and not requiring a new t.v.doesn't have as much to worry about as the other two consoles.

Silver3604666d ago

We switch over to HD broadcast in 2009. So gotta buy a converter or new tv anyway.

Tsalagi4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

We switch over to digital, not HD in 2009. A lot of cable and satellite providers are offering a lot more HD channels due to the increase of HD tv's though.

Edit - It's hilarious how someone disagreed with me even though i posted a link backing up what i said.

LanRanger4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Stations are required to broadcast as of 2009 in digital, *not* necessarily HD. It should also be noted that 90% of the US gets their TV via cable or satellite and won't be affected by the transition at all.

For those that get their television over-the-air, $40 coupons (two per household) will be available from the government to apply towards the purchase of converter boxes which are expected to cost from $50-70. The switch to DTV will undoubtedly prompt some people to upgrade their TV, but it's not going to be a major factor.

People that disagree with verifiable facts should be ashamed of themselves.

LanRanger4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Riiiiiight. Financially hard times will hurt the cheapest console with the most room to make price cuts. Game sales for the Wii are "embarrassing," but sales for the PS3--which has sold half as much software--are just fine. NPD data shows an attach rate of 3.86 for the Wii and 4.01 for the PS3, a 4% difference. Even admittedly weak third party sales on the Wii outpace the PS3 by 33%.

This guy is delusional.

SlappingOysters4666d ago

The PS3 and X360 are supported by twenty-somethings, most of whom have no shares, or a house, and an expendable income. Their spending patterns shouldn't be too affected. The Wii however is bought by families, and families as a unit will hit tough times. The article proposes that as families will hit tough times, so will products targeting that demographic... nothing to do with cost.

LanRanger4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Even if a recession magically wiped out ALL US sales (44% of the world total) of the Wii without affecting PS3 or Xbox 360 sales at all the Wii would *still* be outselling the competition worldwide, based on sales since release.

Realistically a recession/mortgage crisis would only have a slightly greater impact on the Wii than other consoles. Using the authors numbers, 4 million households might be affected. There are slightly over 100 million households in the US, so it's a small percentage of the US population anyway. People will disagree with me again, but feel free to check the numbers--I'm not lying.

wiizy4666d ago

clowns...recession would hurt that ps3 and sony the most.... nothing will stop wii from claiming the top...

2Negativecool4666d ago

The logic behind the short blurb I just read just baffles me.
In short, no, for GOD SAKES no, the subprime market will not hurt the Wii. Everything else in electronics will die off before the Wii ever does.
If anything, economic woes should have killed off the HDTV and blu ray/PC/PS3/iphone/(insert other expensive electronics). But their sales have been just fine.

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