5 Things Next Gen Doesn't Need

With the Wii U gaining steam after E3 and rumored XBOX 720 specs spreading around, next generation consoles keep getting closer and closer to a reality. In a two-part series, we’ll write about what the next generation consoles need to keep up with the phones, tablets, and small gaming devices flooding the market—along with the things that would be detrimental to a gaming console and entirely unnecessary. Starting with the latter, here are the five things next generation consoles don’t need!

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QuodEratDemonstrandm3291d ago

Five more things next gen doesn't need.
1. Recycled games - I don't mind sequels. I have four Assassin's Creed games. But let's make sure the sequels do SOMETHING new. Ok?

2. Overpriced DLC- DLC is fine. Just don't try to sell me a $5 map pack for $15. Or freebies for $5. Or a $20 expansion for $60. Be more reasonable with the pricing.

3. Unfinished games - Don't ship it until it's ready. I know games are complex monstrosites of code, and the inevitable issue or two will arise. Just make sure the game ships with a minimum of these issues.

4. Anything similar to the RROD - Hands up everyone who wants their new system to fail. I didn't think so. I don't care which company does it. A double digit fail rate is unacceptable.

5. Guitar Hero: ZebraHead - This one is a joke. Sort of. Stuff at the bottom of the barrel really needs to stay there. Don't pull it out and expect us to play it.

zeal0us3291d ago

You forgot On-disc DLC.

QuodEratDemonstrandm3291d ago

That's where I'd put the preorder DLC. I see your point though. I only had room for five. That would have been #6 or 7, right behind different preorder stuff at different stores.

Gaming1013290d ago

If people are willing to pay 5-700 bucks for an iPhone or Android, why not 500 bucks for a new console like it's been at the beginning of practically every other major console generation of the last 2 decades? Do you really want a cheap console that you can't notice any next gen difference playing? Because that's what it's going to be at 300 bucks.

People take advantage of used games - but if there are any used games restrictions I won't be buying next gen. No borrowing games or lending from friends, no renting, and you pay whatever price Sony wants you to pay for as long as they want you to pay it with no competition like their is at retail. Does anyone see what the lack of competition does to pricing? Go read an economics textbook, and wait for prices to stay high for quite some time after release.

vickers5003291d ago

A better example for #1 would be cod. Even though AC games are mainly rehashes, they're still good games. The same can't be said for cod.

Tachyon_Nova3291d ago

That is called an opinion, I happen to think CoD games are great.

SeekDev3291d ago

I agreed with Tachyon, but not because I think CoD games are great. I have a certain distaste for them, but it's alright for someone else to like them. People are entitled to their opinions, imo. See what I did there? :P

vickers5003290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Never said you couldn't have your own opinion. But it is my opinion that you used a crappy example for #1 and have terrible taste in games if you consider cod games (at least anything after 4) to be great.

solboogie3290d ago

Agree with points 1 thru 3 100%! OMG but point 1 is on the money! Im freaken tired of sequels they are basically just new level designs. All platforms need new IP's. Please Im so tired of the same dam formulas in games theres nothing new?

Voxelman3291d ago

wait why would you NOT want reliable consoles?

KingofGambling3291d ago

sorry, my bad on that.
I want reliable console for next gen.
I'm looking at you Microsoft.

Jirachi3291d ago

1.too many fpses
2.too few rpgs with only difficulty setting
4.Multiplayer games with no online play(as long as local multiplayer exist this has no reason to be absent)
5.Shovelware(if only it would die,if only)

MrMister3291d ago

This was a very good article

pandehz3291d ago

Only one thing on my mind.

No more stereotypical games. There are hundreds this gen including latest ones.

Lets say I prefer an original angle.

avengers19783291d ago

And how do you come up with something thats truely original these days, just about everything has been done if not done to death. Change a gimmick here, add this game play dynamic there, shinny up the graphics.

Just like movies, music, books, and everything else it's very difficult to keep coming up with new and original ideas. But good movies, books, games, and music still comes out.

pandehz3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Please re-read.

'Original ANGLE'

I know im saying it to the right ppl who know what im talking about, unfortunately u dont understand also Im pretty sure you dont know the meaning of stereotypical and its context in video games.

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