Mistwalker DS Games Delayed - Blue Dragon and Away slip to summer.

IGN reports publisher AQ Interactive announceda delay in the Japanese release of Blue Dragon DS and Away: Shuffle Dungeon, two DS games from the Hironobu Sakaguchi studio.

Originally scheduled for February 28, Away will now be released to Japan some time in the summer. Blue Dragon DS won't be far behind, as it to will slip from its planned March release to the summer season.

As reason for the delay, AQ cited a need to further improve the quality of the two titles in order to satisfy customers both within Japan and internationally.

That sounds like a confirmation of an overseas release for one or both games, so not all the news is bad.

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wageslave4664d ago

MS needs a new mobile / portable gaming plan. I suspect Windows SideShow ( may be their future.. perhaps something in the Zune line.

But, its an interesting plan to let Blue Dragon get licensed on the DS.. its like giving away the first crack-rock for free. Get them hooked, then you've got them for the next one.

Cyrus3654664d ago

Could be a possibility...but not sure MS portible will sell in Japan...