Latest PS3 web ad takes a shot at Xbox Live - PSN 'The fun's always free'


"Sony's latest web based advertisement for the PS3 takes a shot at the cost of the Xbox Live service. Under the Playstation Network logo/heading, the latest ad reads 'The fun's always free', but of course they are only referring to their online play aspect and not the actual console itself!"

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sonarus4660d ago

sony dosent stress the free part of their online enough. i knw a couple of ppl who were shocked to knw they had to pay for online. it really isnt that bad though its about the price of a game to pay for a yr and you get a lot of features lacking on the other console. On the other had if sony comes out with home "SOON" and they are able to at least reduce the gap between the 2 online services and possibly surpass live(however unlikely)...then they will really start stressing the free part

mikeslemonade4660d ago

This ad is long overdue. It should have been advertised once they knew the PSN was going to be free.

ruibing4660d ago

They need to stress the free service of PSN, the reliability of the system, the games that are coming out, and, jsut for the heck of it, the dominance of Blu Ray.

4660d ago
Pain4660d ago

@iMad Silly boy we Not SDF we PS3ologist's NOT XBOT drones.

stunt2134659d ago

I dont think is taking ahot at xbox live its not like they're saying "its better than xbox live"

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resistance1004660d ago

How is it taking a shot at XBL?

All they are doing is advertising a major selling point in the system

sonarus4660d ago

sounds like you are new to "media blowing things out of proportion phenomenom"

EZCheez4660d ago

More of a reminder of the best thing about PSN. They really don't spread the word enough.

This should be in big bold letters on the box of each PS3. FREE ONLINE.

There are too many people ignorant to the fact of some of the advantages of the PS3. Too bad blu-ray isn't as easy to explain.

antoinetm4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

completely agree

Fanboys are running out of bullets.

edit: 1 more site to add to the fanboy-run websites.
rofl @ those sites for compromising their own credibility

DJ4660d ago

"PS3 Owners don't buy games", and even that allegation isn't true. I'm predicting the next 'complaint' is going to be "PS3 games are too realistic!"

BLUR1114660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I bought my xbl card in like march it was at 50$ ,so thats like 4 bucks a month around so i think i feel that i have gotten my moneys werth as im sure anyone that plays live agrees. all im saying is that i rather pay to play alot of games online and download movies and game content insted of having nothing for free. so i guess sonyfanboys are into politics now by this article.

ravinash4660d ago

It is long over due.
If someone was trying to decide which console to get and felt that they don't want to pay for on line service, then theres only one way to go.
Also, it covers the cost difference between the two consoles.

DemiseofPandas4660d ago

There is actually more cost coverage, such as buying batteries or extra battery packs, and if someone's only option is a wireless connection there is that too. Doesn't matter, the only thing most people consider is the initial price of the item and become much more willing to buy the rest.

lonestarmt4660d ago

what? you are so misinformed. Any game that is multiplatform can be played online on the ps3 just like 360, expect we don't have to pay for it. lol.

Not to mention wireless. I live in my own apratment and my modem is another room. No problem my ps3 is wireless. If I had 360 I would have to buy a add on. Face the facts. M$ is trying to nickel and dime you as much a possible.

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toughNAME4660d ago

They just can't seem to understand that 'advertising' thing

Jesus Sony, grow up

EZCheez4660d ago

I see the problem with your picture, but what's wrong with mentioning advantages of the service you offer? Wouldn't that be common sense?

zambrota4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

The XBL will also be free when Home launches.

There is no way MS could fight PSN with HOME all coming to you for free.

MS however could make LIVE free. That is how they could keep up with Home.

yes Home is nothing but just a 3D based community but in Na hype and innovation sells and you know that too


that wont do since an average joe will perceive HOME as virtual world and will fall for it.

look at IPODS for instance. are they good? no

But they sell since they can capture the imagination of an average joe

toughNAME4660d ago

I agree with you I don't think Sony's taking a 'shot' at anyone

but I'm talking about what the articles referring too

What if MS sees this, and to get back at Sony they show a picture of an Xbox 360 with a game beside it

then it'll just go back and forth, cheap shot after another

Relcom4660d ago

I feel where your coming from, but it does go both way you must admit.

Omegasyde4660d ago

Sony could brag about console reliability or there could be an ad stating no fear:
Play all night and day for free without console overheating.

Then again Nintendo still pimpsmacked Sony with this Add

toughNAME4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

zambrota - I dont know wtf your talking about, your comments are going downhill fasst

Relcom - I agree...if Microsoft were to do something similar I wouldn't be surprised in the slightest cause their dirt bags...but have they? (actual question...and I don't want conspiracy answers plz

Omegasyde - lol I'm glad to see someone noticed that while making a point I made my own cheap shot :P bubbles up

ngg12345 - did you not see the comment about console reliability? We are JK here...calm yourself

and ppl stop replying and calling me out I'm out of bubbles and I hate doing this edit thing

ngg123454660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

why are you trolling?

"Put a game next to the xbox 360"
Wow, they do taht all the time. The ps3 has games right next to it too in almost every ad. Isn't it amazing? I know, because psn is free, and xbla costs 60 $'s, they shouldn't mention it. It is a great thing to talk about. Should they mention a game like lbp because the xbox 360 doesn't have it. Is that a shot at microsoft?

antoinetm4660d ago

Why is that image even posted here in this thread.

Are you trying to start a fire? Maybe the place became too calm when everyone realized that this wasnt flame-war material.

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Relcom4660d ago

Your not fooling anyone Sony, its definatly a subtle shot at the 360.

Man this whole console war thing is turning into dirty politics

zambrota4660d ago

It is just like the slogan -- I do Bue.

lot of people would mp into pSN because of that.

Why pay money for something which could be obtained for free on the other console.

with another price cut that FREE ONLINE slogan will become very attractive

Relcom4660d ago

I do like the Blu-ray comercials for sure.

Slogans taking shots at other companies work all the time. Just look at subway....

Amnesiac4660d ago

How about look at any political race.

lonestarmt4660d ago

whats wrong with this add. Two people at my work thought that you had to pay for PSN. Thats one of the mistakes sony did in 07. They didn't tell consumers why it was more than worth the price tag. Get the word out. Tell people, hey look we come with a hard drive(upgradable), wireless, rechargable controllers,upgradable blu-ray player, FREE online, HD gaming. O yeah we also have some kick ass video games. Of course you advertise games first and everything else second.

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Double-Edged4660d ago

i'm tierd of these wars.

sometimes.. i just wanna quit this N4G....but can't...

I just gotta stay updated with gaming news.

Relcom4660d ago

but i can't help it. I just gotta throw my 2 cents in. Its hard not to.

EZCheez4660d ago

I don't know why i'm so compelled sometimes to read comments. It's just that this website is so damn addictive when it comes to news, and it always seems to be the bleeding edge of gaming news.

Besides, it's not like I can talk to my wife about format wars and console wars. She could care less. So instead I push my opinion on you guys.

MikeGdaGod4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

thats why i stopped posting news and comments mostly. i just read the news and comment when i feel i have to now.

i know what console i prefer and i don't give a f*ck who agrees with me or not. i'm playing the games i love and spent a sh!tload of money on.

i'll leave the bickering to the nerds

ukilnme4660d ago

I am glad that it was not just me feeling this way. No I feel better as a recovering N4G addict.

TruthBTold4660d ago

Lately its all been reading nothing but fanboy comment and to find those good comments you have to read through their pointless words. Its not comming here to rejoice great games but rather see and read about flame wars, who has what, whos is better, defending consoles while talking trash about the other. It takes a lot of the fun out of games. I like games to get away from reality and have fun by my self or with friends, no to add another reason to be angry or concerned about on a daily basis. We should have a "no flaming day" so we can all really share gaming experience and really enjoy reading as well as posting comments, Im sure people here would have a lot more to say and others would enjoy reading them.

bootsielon4660d ago

That I mostly use these websites:

1. N4G (60% of the time)
2. Google 5%
3. Wikipedia 5%
4. Hotmail 5%
5. YTMND 5%
6. Porn 20% (My girlfriend isn't enough, lol)

It used to be a lot of maddox too, but it got boring once he stopped updating. I'm an N4G addict now. lol

heyheyhey4660d ago

i too am a n4g addict- i can never get anything useful done

i get home and R&C and assassins creed are just staring at me, begging to be played, but then i see some juicy news on n4g and i can't break away

damn you interwebz

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