Review: The Adventures of Shuggy (New Gamer Nation)

Shuggy just inherited a castle. Great news, yeah? Obviously you haven’t played enough video games, because everyone knows that no self respecting video game character inherits a castle that isn’t haunted, and Shuggy’s pad is no exception. Luckily for us, this means we get a fun twitch platformer with a ton of variety and creativity to the mechanics. After somewhat disappointing sales on XBLA, Adventures of Shuggy has made the jump to PC, in both Steam and DRM-Free Humble Store flavours. It’s a pity this game hasn’t received more attention so far, because it really is a creative take on the platforming genre. Consisting of over a hundred short levels, each with unique mechanics and layouts, there’s a lot to like about the game. A few minor issues hold some of the game design back, but clever tricks help to alleviate some of the problems.

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