Burnout Paradise: Shacknews Review -'infuriating moments'

Shacknews writes: "First things first: at its core, Burnout is all about speed. Numbing, face-melting speed. Burnout Paradise once again pulls that off with aplomb. Barreling down a straightaway at full speed with a fast fictional supercar then skidding through a sharp corner can be nerve-wrackingly intense.

The handling and physics are solid and intuitive--there may not be much that is realistic about Burnout, but you get the sense that if this world existed, this is how it would actually feel. The destruction of head-on crashes is rendered with enough realism that you will occasionally have creepy flashbacks to cautionary crash test dummy videos."

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Blademask4666d ago

this game generation sucks.

Ferrite4666d ago

Gamers look for content, fanboys look for scores.

n_n4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

^^^ agreed... best quote i've read on N4G

bubbles to you

EDIT: I'm not a big fan of racers but this game is really, really fun (well, the demo, that is) so i will be picking this up since i'm having such a fun time with the demo. the review was pretty good as well and i could understand the Cons the author has pointed out.

The Wood4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

but I got this game earlier and the map system just doesn't suit this game because of the its speed. The lack of restart on the events can be annoying to say the least and unless people online start to actually do events instead of crash ems all the time then its true worth may be flushed down the toilet. The eye cam take down shots have been funny. Hopefully they can tweak some things with an update.

Edit: yeah thanks for reminding me zer0ne, bubbles + to Ferrite, I must of got caught up in my own gravy and forgot what I initially wanted to say

KozmoOchez4666d ago

I have played Burnout for a little while now and always came to the same conclusion with them....after a while they become boring and tedious, but with this new Burnout paradise, i loved just messin around and trying to get all the smashes and hit the super jumps and whatnot, and online is soo much fum, you cant even do races yet(got the demo) and its a lot of fun just crashing into others and trying to beat each others scores

The guy at gamestop told me that if i wanted the game i would have to reserve it like when ut3 was released, i did that so i'll be playing it in two days!!!

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EastCoastSB4666d ago

Some of those cons are probably gonna keep me away from BUYING this. I get easily frustrated playing games(which is a really bad habit)and those cons seem like they'd raise my blood pressure.

With that said, I had a lot of fun with the demo so I'll at the very least, rent it.

znu4666d ago

the games good...but not just there yet, i loved burnout revenge, the speed and gameplay was intense, when nfs went to open ended world im just like screw that. never liked it. Burnout paradise is good but it doesn't light that spark that the other burnouts did so amzingly

MK_Red4666d ago

While I do believe that lack of "Retry" option is indeed negative, I believe its addition would have been against the whole philosophy of Paradise which was to be free from any kind of loading and menu and we know a retry option requires both.

Dr Pepper4666d ago

I'm sorry, but I really don't see that as an excuse to not include a retry option. The absence of this critical feature just makes the game more frustrating.

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