Microsoft Conquers the Taj Mahal: Xbox 360 Launched in India

Microsoft has launched its much awaited gaming console Xbox 360 in India, priced Rs 19,990 to Rs 23,990.

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NextGen24Gamer4440d ago

Microsoft has sold about five million units of Xbox 360 till June, 2006, and is expecting to sell about 10 million units worldwide by the year-end, Anand said.

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eques judicii4440d ago

You are a rascist, to insult the people of india like that should get you kicked off of sony fanboys have dropped to a new low...

Schmeltz4440d ago

Please, if your a sony fan, just stay on your side of the playground, your just being anal when I could do the same thing, but I don't.

FordGTGuy4440d ago

The India's economey is the fastest growing in the world and needs to be explored. BTW the 360 has sold over 6-7 million.

richie007bond4440d ago

You twat,racist sony fanboy this is about games not peoples lifes,have you been to india.Some one needs to kick this slime ball

NJ1307RSX4440d ago

China's economy is the fastest growing in the world.

Caxtus7504440d ago

and that has what to do with India?

FordGTGuy4440d ago

India has the fastest growing economey

NJ1307RSX4440d ago

China has a faster growing economy that India.

China GDP Growth 9.5%
India GDP Growth 7.8%

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bilal4440d ago

what is meant by launching 360 in India, it is already available in many many countries, like India, china, Pakistan and so on... for a year, my friends have 360 in Pakistan from last 6-7 months and didnt imported it, it is awailable in stores...

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The story is too old to be commented.