PS3 Poll Police: Are comparison videos necessary?

PS3 Fanboy writes: "The Poll Police ranted about a hot story this past week. GameTrailers, a site who we have nothing against as a site or as people, were getting slammed by internet-savvy folk for using some questionable methods in their comparison videos in regards to PS3 and Xbox 360 titles. While it's all subjective (the only true method of fair comparison is to rig both titles up to your television and see which one works better for your particular need), it raised quite a bit of flame. So, the Poll Police ask you: are these comparison videos necessary, or do they only serve as gasoline for the fanboy fire?"

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MK_Red4662d ago

Neccessary? No. Fun? Yes.
As Bullseye in DareDevil says: "Neccessary? No, it was fun." (In response to why he killed Kingpin's guys).

zambrota4662d ago

anything on HDMI will look better than components via FULL RANGE mode.

all ps3s have HDMI 1.3 support but only a few TVs support HDMI 1.3.

a comparison on HDMI 1.3 vs 1.2 on Xbox 360 might look totally different.

However since not all ps3 owners have HDMI cable then whats the point of arguement.

you cant pick a winner since ps3 has HDMi 1.3 ---I agree but how many of ps3 owners are using it.

xbox 360 might have the advantage with components but again you could have ps3 owners saying THAT THEY NEVER USED COMPONENT/PARTIAL RGB setting.

so since the 2 settings are totally incoherent and different a comparison is definitely unnecessary

It only gives rise to flamebait

RecSpec4662d ago

That was a weird quote choice. Have you been waiting for an opportunity to use that one? Just wondering, since Daredevil was a pretty lousy movie.

I would've gone with "Surely you can't be serious"
anyone who finishes the quote right gets bubbles

WilliamRLBaker4662d ago

In comparisons all ways do a component to component comparison you dont need to do HDMI.
IF the ps3 version doesn't look as good as the 360 version via component then thats the fault of sony and the dev.

Games look perfectly fine via component/hdmi/VGA
ITs not 360 users fault that on the ps3 you have to turn on all these options of which about only 1-2% of the populations tv's can take advtange of.

The sonyfanboys can sit and say oh well it doesn't look as good because they aren't useing hdmi...and all its settings...ect but i've seen hdmi 1.3 on a nice new advance TV with all those options and the whole RGB really equates to the expanded option you get on the 360 when you turn it on and even then the ps3 version still looks washout...ect compared to teh 360 version running on hdmi and using the expanded option.

In the end its a cop out by ps3 users to make them selves feel better about the ps3 versions of the games in the end the only remedy is ps3 and 360 comparisons running at 720p, over component but then the sony fanboys will still bring up hdmi and RGB which in the end gets them nothing.

Dr Pepper4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

"I would've gone with "Surely you can't be serious"
anyone who finishes the quote right gets bubbles "

Ha! "I am serious, and don't call me Shirley". Airplane, great movie...

Not really sure how that quote would fit into this article though...

RecSpec4662d ago

Because the question is if these videos are necessary. I honestly don't know why such a stupid question is being asked. That's why I'm reminiscing about movie quotes.

Hence, "Are comparison videos necessary?"
"Surely you can't be serious"

Airplane is an awesome movie, plus that quote was used in COD4, so even people who haven't seen it may have heard it. Movie quotes: a lot funner than comparison videos, see?

Oh yeah almost forgot. Dr Pepper, I'm a man of my word, bubbles to you.

Dr Pepper4662d ago

Oh, I see!

And yes, it was awesome when it was brought up in CoD4. Thank you for the bubbles, and I shall give some to you as well.

Nevers4661d ago

nice... I actually thought that was a George W. quote too :)

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toughNAME4662d ago

I'm surprised PS3fanboy had such an unbiased conclusion...which leads me to believe...this is just loser talk

zambrota4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

you cant have the 2 exact settings on both systems

you cant record HDMI streams from casual PS3 or xbox 360.

so a comparison is TOTAL BS

toughNAME4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

alright man I got it the first time through

I'm reporting this as SPAM

EDIT - thank you for changing the comment...that HDMI sh*t is so annoying that was pretty funny man..but look at some of the other sony fanboy comments on this page and tell me I'm wrong

GIJeff4662d ago

i tried to find a report as [email protected], but there is're lucky this time toughName.

Whoooop4662d ago

They are necessary for xbots. Apart from that??? nop

thedude176554662d ago

for some reason it isn't just Xbots, or sony fanboys, it is for both. I am just saying that because i enjoy reading the fews of both parties, granted i don't read all the post but i read them until they start repeating. It is good fun to have these discussions, it makes being a gamer a little more competetive about who knows more about what, and it gives good information about things i don't look at, granted it does give me crap information, but i have learned to determine whether information is vaild or not. So continue these posts about comparisons, but i would like to know which game looks best at full settings to determine which one to buy, because i am able to support the highest settings for any consoles.

BloodySinner4662d ago

Yes, because helps if you want to pick the best version of a multiplaform title.

RecSpec4662d ago

But side by side only signifies that the difference wouldn't be caught normally. Plus I'd put more faith in content then graphics on choosing a multiplatform game.

Ex: Burnout looks better on PS3 but I'd buy the 360 one, why? Custom soundtracks.

RecSpec4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Hey, xbots and ps3bots need something to argue about.

Got a joke for you, what's the difference between a fanboy and a bot?

Cosplay of course. Ever see anyone cosplay as a wiimote? A very depressing sight.

Apparently I've offended the wiimote cosplayer, hence the disagree.

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