Videogamer- Civilization V: Gods and Kings Review

Civilization V: Gods & Kings doesn't tear down and rebuild Civilization V, but instead acts as a gentle overhaul that rounds out and deepens many of the game's core systems. Gods & Kings won't be enough to silence the non-believers, but this expansion will certainly rekindle the attention of those faithful to Civilization V's streamlined focus.

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The Sims 4, MGS V: TPP & Civilization V: Gods & Kings Are This Week’s Best Selling PC Games

The Sims 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings  are this week’s best selling games in UK, on Steam and on GMG.

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Why on earth can’t I stop playing this?

An article that gives some insight why Civilization V still fascinates some gamers after so many years since its release.

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Anon19743484d ago

I remember back in the early 90's (I swear I do) at university there was somebody in my dorm room pretty much 24 hours a day playing Civ II on my Amiga.

Subenu3484d ago

Haha, I started with the second game, but yeah, you're right: Once you start, you won't stop!

andrewer3484d ago

xD I still play Civ II, love it

GokuSolosAll3484d ago

Because you have crap taste in games?

bednet3484d ago

Civ is extremely well done, has a huge community, is going on 24 years and stronger than ever and has won multiple game of the year awards. How many IPs can say the same.

You not liking it does not make it crap, sorry.

cell9893484d ago

why on earth cant I stop playing Destinty :(

Imalwaysright3484d ago

Has anyone else ever started playing a Civ game after dinner, then just casually look through the window and think " Holy crap...The sun has risen!"


traumadisaster3484d ago

I even go back and play the 360 version for fun also.


Game of Thrones (Civ V) Mod Showcase

Nick plays the Game of Thrones and does his share of winning and dying, in a fantastic set of Civilization V mods!


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Pintheshadows3981d ago

It looks fairly accurate when compared to the mapbook approved by George.

karlowma3981d ago

Wow that looks really good. Might finally have to pick up Gods & Kings. And probably become hopelessly addicted to this game again...

Lord_Sloth3981d ago (Edited 3981d ago )

Do we know if these can be used in conjunction with the normal rulers as well or does the mod override them? AKA Can I have Robb as my ruler and do battle with Cleopatra?

Wonder if Tywin has a "Red Wedding" strategy move...

PressPlayTV3981d ago

To access the Game of Thrones mod, you have to go through a special mods menu, where it then locks off the standard civs. If you load a save outside the mod however, the game will reinterpret the GoT Houses as the classic civs again (our Robb save was interpreted as Germany!)