SNK's Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Titles Announced, Coming for both PS2 & PSP

SNK is set to release a compilation disc titled SNK Arcade Classics: Volume 1 in the first half of this year for the PSP and the PS2. The collection contains quite a number of their famous fighters mixed in with some sports games and NeoGeo titles from their large library. Make the jump to check out all sixteen titles!

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actas1234660d ago

Sony should post this to PSN and have it available for purchase and playable on PS3.

Darkiewonder4660d ago

have made it to the Japan PSN Store actually

Well KOF 94 is, and I think Fatal Fury as well.

Zhuk4660d ago

This would be great to have, a good buy for SNK fans everywhere

Chaos Striker4660d ago

awesome, can't wait for this to come out.

Guwapo774660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

I've waited years for this day to happen. Finally I won't have to pay $199 per game to get the full Neo Geo experience. Sengoku - I've waited 16 years for this bad boy. Never beat it in the arcade (always ran out of quarters). Now I can finally get to the ending (didn't even know there was a part 2 & 3).

King of Monsters too!! I use to kick as$ with the fake as$ Ultra Man.

Man this collection will bring back my arcade days. Memories~~~~

Rythrine4660d ago

World Heroes!? Yesss! Damn sold :)