Turok looking nicer on Xbox 360?

An image comparison between the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of Turok...

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kalistyles4666d ago

The one on the left which I would think would be the 360 version obviously has deeper colors and super white areas as usually it does, but the one on the right looks more realistic and the fog looks a hell of a lot better than the left. fact of the matter is whose buying this game?

poos34666d ago

is this a big surprise it is well know that the 360 is a much better gaming machine than th ps3

lawman11084666d ago

The 360 OWNES 3rd party games! If there is a choice between buying a 360 version or PS3 version of a game ALWAYS buy the 360 one. THAT and the fact PS3 owners don't buy games anyway is why the 360 sells 500,000 more games a MONTH then the PS3 does.

BrianC62344666d ago

Poopoo said: "is this a big surprise it is well know that the 360 is a much better gaming machine than th ps3"

How would you know the 360 is a good gaming machine? It dies as soon as you turn on the power. Bwahaha poopoo.

ravinash4666d ago

Now did they remember to turn on the the super white and colour options again?
I played the demo on PS3, didn't look like either screen...and I don't even know which on is the PS3 screen. I think the one on the right looks better becasue its more natural. The white pixels on the one on the left look a bit harsh to me.

ZeroXMD4665d ago

need to search turok on n4g. A few weeks ago a site went and demo'd both the versions in the studio and they were the EXACT same. This thing is bullsh1t, anyone who says it looks better on 360 is full of it, and you people who talk about sony fanboys on this site are most of the time xbots. This site has a huge base of decent gamers but there are fanboys. Hell, at least the sony ones are funny. the xbots are like rabid, half-dead and torn up fighting dogs. They hurt you to see them and they are painful to hear. The Mart is a perfect example. His posts lower people's IQs. I don't even see them half the time because they get reported as spam instantaneously. I know alot of xbox only fans who call The Mart a retard.

Turok on PS3 and 360 are the same and the dev.s strived to make it that way. And to the people who are putting down the game before it is even out, stfu and wait until it comes out to pass judgement. I still hold the old turok games (xcept evo) above alot of todays "Kings" in innovation and fun factor. So far, all of the non-halo-humping review sites have given the game a good rating when they played, they also have taken Assassinations in multiplayer to a new level, one site said.

JsonHenry4665d ago

I don't know which one is which. To me the one on the left looks better. But the one on the right looks like it is "unfinished" if that makes sense?

Hooby4665d ago

Are you joking? the one on the right has 10x more stuff in it!!

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Shankle4666d ago

Lol who actually cares? It's just an average game.

CeruleanSky4666d ago

Xbox fanboys do, of course.

The 'bogus/rigged mediocre game that no one cares about' screenshot comparison is all they have left...

wageslave4666d ago


Clearly you care enough to stop and apologize for your PS3's repeated shortcomings... so, what's your point?

Amnesiac4666d ago

the 360 has shortcomings as well...

..only 66% of the time..

lawman11084666d ago

so was Heavenly sword(5 hrs ) , R&C (Childs game) ect ect

ravinash4666d ago

This coming from a guy who obviously does not own a PS3 and probably has never played heavenly sword, Uncharted and R&C.
Heres a little news for you, if you were just into games and not so obsessed about with system its on, you might actually realise there are great games on both systems.
HS and uncharted were both great games...but you'll never know that will why comment?

lonestarmt4665d ago

Really I could care less. I downloaded the demo and played it, not at all like shown in this picture, but doesn't matter the game sucked anyway. I would say less than average. why is this game hyped at all? Only thing cool was hearing ron pearlman's voice.

popup4665d ago

The point is that even if the best looking one was the PS3 version, it would still be quite a way off from being the best looking PS3 game.

Its funny that the devs were talking about their PS3 programming prowess recently. Either way one looks alot better optimised than the other.

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i_like_ff74666d ago

Bullshit! I downloaded the demo and it doesnt look that bad!

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Razor49014666d ago

Sorry but i have downloaded the demo as well, it looks stunning on PS3....this was clearly done by a 360 fanboy......believe it or not, i can tell you from first hand experience it looks nothing like whats shown in that fact all of you download it to prove me right. Anyway both of those pictures are from the game played on Standard definition........and if you like i can try and get a picture taken of what it really looks like in high def on the PS3

Panthers4666d ago

Why do fanboys try to hijack images and act like one is better. Turok was already said to be about the same on both. The PS3 version does not even look like the same game. I have the demo and it looks much better. It does not matter though. I am not getting this game.

Amnesiac4666d ago

Wow, you xbots are amazing.

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disgaea4666d ago

they didn't say Which one is supposed to be which?

Omegasyde4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

I used babel fish to translate and the site has the 360 version on the left and they were comparing the demo's on XBL and PSN not the actual complete game.

EDIT: translate from dutch to english.

Recently in an interview gave the developers of Turok that the PS3 and the Xbox360 versions of this game were almost equal. The screen of the demo that we have for you says to the contrary.


The Xbox360 version looks so colorful and the textures look much better than the PS3 version.
The PS3 version seems to be against it on PS2 graphics. Anyway, this is still a demo, and we will have to wait and see the final version, but we expect that not much else will be.

Meanwhile Turok is Feb. 5 in the schappen

Links see the 360 version and the right PS3 version.

BestGamerAlive4666d ago

didnt u have 2 buy the magazine 2 get the demo anyways the game looks better on PS3 and like i said before Uncharted is the best looking game ever 2 hit a console hands down we the Patriots of this gameing $hit we the best so why dont yall boylovers add-on or buy a new subscription u ducks THE BESTGAMERALIVE HAS SPOKEN SO ALL HAIL AND FALLBACK ECSPEACIALLY THE GUY WHO DONT EVEN HAVE THE DEMO xbox the best at getting RROD