Next-Gen Editor View: The PlayStation 3 Rebirth

Next-Gen's editor-in-chief Colin Campbell writes:

The thing about brands? They're all about reputation. And PlayStation's reputation has taken a beating.

We need not go into detail here, but it's sufficient to make the point that Sony's dominance is over for ever and its survival in the game industry at all has seemed, at times, less than certain.

Many brands would not have lived through the ignominious introduction of PlayStation 3.

But the PlayStation brand and the Sony brand have survived. They have clung on. They are still here. And now they are going to come back into play. The battle against Xbox 360 is not over. In fact, it's only just beginning. And PlayStation will be the ultimate winner, although what that actually means is something I reckon worth analysing in its own right.

Here's why PlayStation 3's fortunes are turning.


PS3 will one day be seen as a great product – certainly getting a 40% share this generation is a much more challenging proposition than an 80% share in the 1990s (against weak-assed Sega and stubbornly cartridge-a-phile Nintendo).

PlayStation 3 is set for greatly improved fortunes in 2008. Blu-ray is the factor that is tipping the balance. For Sony, there remains the enormous challenge of making sure those Blu-ray / PS3 owners engage in PlayStation 3 as more than just a fancy hi-def movie player.

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Gamefan124791d ago

Though they keep forgetting it has only been out a little over one year now, and not yet a year in Europe. No one seems to remember that fact. And it has kept up, if not passed the sales the 360 did it's first year at this time.

zambrota4791d ago

However ps3 could have been in a quagmire had it not been for Blu Ray victory

Had Blu Ray lost the next gen battle then ps3 would have easily lost the battle.

But after seeing the Blu Ray penetration in Japan especially i have a feeling that ps3 will completely turn around in Japan in 2008.

remember also that ps3 gave wii some shivers in 2007 and went on to beat it on some occasions in Japan.

I completely agree with the article that Blu Ray victory might translate into ps3 victory

CeruleanSky4791d ago

"Had Blu Ray lost the next gen battle then ps3 would have easily lost the battle. "

All it would have done is made BluRay drive and media/replication costs somewhat higher due to no one but Sony manufacturing and producing BluRay drives and discs.

At worst it would have just been bad press like Microsoft is getting for HD-DVD dying even though it really has no direct effect on the console and games.

zambrota4791d ago

well the BD victory is what makes the ps3 more attractive.

It is like saying " I own a console that has the WINNING next gen format "

ofcourse ps3 has arguably the best lineup of games for 2008 but do take into account that many people are actually converting to next gen DVDs esp in Japan and europe.

All of a sudden the BD drive in ps3 is looking a crowned jewel

Greek994791d ago

Next Gen consoles need Next Gen media.
I will say no more.

pwnsause4790d ago

BUbbles for you, exactly what I was going to say. over the years of the console, we seen the physical Format for games evolve with the console, the cartrige and the Disc had to get bigger in storage during every Generation of a console, we seen it with the NES, SNES, N64,Masters,Genesis,Saturn,Dre amcast,Gamecube,Xbox,PS1,PS2,an d now PS3. I just dont understand why Microsoft took to steps back with their 360(HDD and physical Format DVD9)

The Brave 14790d ago

Wow great article!This guy read my mind.Play Beyond!

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CeruleanSky4791d ago

And here we go again...

Another inane fanboy writing his inevitable 'Golly! I'm totally shocked the PS3 is do so well after all that stupid 'PS3 is teh doomed' crap last year' article.

A year from now this clown will be writing an equally inane 'Wow! Who would have thought the PS3 would be dominating in sales across all three regions!' articles.

Sony has sold almost 130 million PS2s since 2000. Sony brought virtually all of their existing 105 million Playstation owners over to the PS2 through the 7 years the PS2 has been on the market. The majority of the sales coming from later in the console's life when it dropped down at various price points.

And now with the PS3 Sony has every single major franchise that all of those 125-130 million PS2s for last gen. And they have vastly increased their first party exclusive developer lineup to some 20 studios. That is more than Nintendo(9 studios) and Microsoft(4 studios) have combined.

So Sony now has a machine that:

1) Has every franchise that the existing 125-130 million PS2 owners wanted last gen

2) The only console with the winning next gen movie format in every console

3) A massive graphical power advantage

4) Unmatched build quality and incredibly quiet operation

5) Incredible online service that provide lagfree play with dedicated servers for all major games with incredible player counts of 32,40, and soon 60

6) The amazing Home online world for online game matchmaking and meeting up with other gamers all for free

7) Killer PS3-PSP features - remote play, wireless video and music streaming right from your PS3, etc.

8) DLNA streaming from any machine in your house for pictures,music, and movies

Sony had two extra challenges this gen compared with the PS2:

1) BluRay was a much newer and initially costlier technology compared to CDs and DVDs - they have mostly overcome that challenge and gotten the price dramatically down

2) HDTV adoption - this will somewhat slow the migration for PS2 owners to the PS3 as people wait for 1080p sets to drop down into the 500 dollar range or so

The 360 is selling to essentially the same demographics as the first Xbox and people are already talking about a replacement system from Microsoft that doesn't have a gimped storage format from the smaller than last gen 7GB DVD disks and hardware that doesn't have an insane defect rate. Most likely will end up with roughly the same worldwide installed base before Microsoft either pulls the plug on the whole Xbox mess or tries one more time with another piece of hardware.

The Wii will be a diversion for many people until they upgrade to 1080ps TVs and PS3s over the next five years.

These types of articles aren't completely useless. They are fun to link to five to seven years later just like people do now with their "LOL!, look at what people were writing about the PS2 back then..." posts.

Cyrus3654791d ago

I think they face another challenge as well, that Msoft and Nintendo don't face. They have a "last-gen" console who is still doing well this generation and still being supported heavily.

the people who have X-box and Gamecube, had no other options other than to upgrade. PS2 owners, can still afford to wait till either the price comes down, better games come out, or when PS2 doesn't have anymore games that they enjoy.

So convicing those 120+ million user to take the jump to next generation is another challenge Sony has.

zambrota4791d ago

the 120 million ps2 base comprises of members who were part of the 100 million base of ps1.

We are humans and we have biases. These gamers have biases .

ps2 launched at 300$ .ps3 at 600$.

95% of the ps2 owners havent jumped into next gen .

Wii owners comprise mainly of senior citizens and underaged kids.

xbox 360 retained 80% of its past owners and will probably retain all of xbox's fanbase.

ps3 will do the same .

Humans have biases which are not given up over time .Plus BD's victory has given SONY a huge advantage

spectyre4791d ago

Just 'cause you took the time to write that lengthy reply.

Cyrus3654791d ago

As long as Sony doesn't have any delays to their major games, and can afford another price cut, they stand to have a great year this year (Talking about PS3).

zambrota4791d ago

i will go Bolder.

If there are no delays then ps3 could win 2008 and beyond and perhaps the console war.

However both wii and xbox 360 will do better than their predecessors

littletad4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

When the news of the removal of backward compatibility was launched, they simply stated most people own a ps2 anyway.

"Consumers are replacing their TV sets with high-def flat-screens. They will also replace their DVD players with Blu-ray players. They will seek the machine that is noted for its quality; the one that is future-proof; the one with the trust-worthy brand name; the one that, wow, also plays games. They will invest in PlayStation."

There's just someting errie about that paragraph. "They will." His logic turns fanboyish there and I'm not convinced people are going to buy hdtv's as badly as he claims. Great article though because it's shocking to see something like this from a major news source.

BubblesDAVERAGE4791d ago (Edited 4791d ago )

One thing all you guys cant deny is it is a playstation it wont wont be like last gen as overwhelming but it will be a win never the less.

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