30 Burnout Paradise Cars Revealed

Over at the Operation Burnout forums, Mr_Pringle has posted images of 30 of the cars to feature in Burnout Paradise.

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LJWooly4660d ago

Great link, Prime. Better than the original link.

I hope you like bubbles.

ukilnme4660d ago

I still don't know which version to buy. Time to flip a coin.

crunchie1014660d ago

I know what you mean. I prefer the feel of the controls on the PS3 version, but all my friends have 360s and on the 360 i can have my own music.

LJWooly4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Just buy it for your favourite console. The one you love the most.

I would go with the PS3 version myself, due to the reliable hardware and, apparently, the PS3 has a slight visual edge (I didn't notice a difference, myself) but the 360 also has custom soundtracks and achievements.

The PS3 pad is also more suited to racing games, but I think overall that's a matter of personal preference.

four main factors: Hardware reliability, controller preference, custom soundtracks, and achievements. choose which factor's the biggest deal to you, and base your decision on that.

ukilnme4660d ago

I don't have a favorite. I bought all three for the exclusives. It's the multiplatform titles that are good on both the 360 and PS3 that are giving me trouble. Time to man up and make a choice after a little more research.

bruiser814660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

maybe you should make some friends on psn, i know i need to. lets face it, live will always have the advantage if no-one is willing to make friends on psn. For anyone who cares my psn tag is bruiser81 and i will be getting this game day 1 if i can find it.

ps. the ds3 for this game is awsome

ukilnme4660d ago

@ bruiser81

I'll add you when I get home.

LJWooly4660d ago

Well, buy the PS3 version, and play me online :)

Also, since you know the PS3 was the lead development platform for this game, you can be confident that you're not playing a port.

But don't let me decide for you, I'm just trying to help you out.

EZCheez4660d ago

If I had the choice I would probably go with the one that offers custom soundtracks. Soundtracks are really important to me as far as racing games are concerned.

Just my take on it. If you do get it on PS3 add me to your friends list because I'll definitely be looking for some people to drive off cliffs with.

Double-Edged4660d ago

360 version.

Multiplatform games on the 360.

PS3 is only good for MGS4.

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marcindpol4660d ago

have only the best ps3, cannot wait for friday!

Spike474660d ago

atleast u guys can get online, I have no router and I'm waiting till my paycheck to go get one.

I owned alot of people on burnout paradise demo online.

3/4 of the freinds i made on psn were people I owned in burnout. :)

LJWooly4660d ago

Yeah, there's something about that game online. Every time I play it, I make a friend, and the buddy invite always says something like "nice driving, lol."

Maybe the free roaming aspect of the game's what contributes to how good it is online.

I know some hardcore Burnout fans were disappointed with the free-roaming approach on this game, but you can't deny that the online aspect works so much better on this game than on your average linear racer.

Hey, when you get your online working, add me, PSN ID: LJWooly.

I'll school you on Burnout :D

sak5004660d ago

rumble/achievements nuff said

LJWooly4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

It's not as simple as that.

You have to consider:

-Hardware reliability
-Graphical edge (apparently PS3)
-Controller preference
-Custom soundtracks
-XBL has 50 achievements, PSN has 60 but not linked to gamerscore
-Rumble is on both consoles (DualShock 3 is apparently better)

There are loads of other factors to consider, but I think it comes down to whatever console you like the most.

@ Guys below: Why so hostile? I just said that those are things you have to consider, and I never even stated my preference.

I mentioned hadware issues twice, not five times, and attach rates don't define whether a console's going to break or not.

The controller's a matter of personal preference, DoubleEdged, and you spelt my name wrong.

V1c1ous, you're not so bad, but the idiot below you needs to shut up. I seriously don't see what makes me a "ps3 fanboy".

I didn't even suggest one was better, you must have gotten the wrong idea.

v1c1ous4660d ago

-Hardware Reliablity
you've mentioned this like 5 times. you make it sounds like EVERYONE's xbox 360 is gonna flip and die. its possible, but not as likely anymore.

-Graphical edge (apparently PS3)
That one goes to ps3

-Controller preference
you dont know which controller he prefers, or anyone's for that matter.
if you would have said "X controller is better suited for Y game" yes, but burnout has no advantages based on controller

-Custom soundtracks
360 gets this one

-XBL has 50 achievements, PSN has 60 but not linked to gamerscore
both have achievements, so its a null point

-Rumble is on both consoles (DualShock 3 is apparently better)
in japan, for now anyways :/

Double-Edged4660d ago


the hardware issue?? what the heck kind of argument is that?? if that's so then why is there a higher attach ratio on the 360. stupid PS3 fanboy.

bottom line.. is that rumble is already on the 360.. and the "apparantly" is so stupid and very in accurate.

Achievment system for 360 kills the PSN... because it can rack up to the whole gamerscore.

XMB access during the game.. Music/Friends List/Chat/DashBoard.
That itself kills the PS3.

Controller preference? The analog is better placed on the 360 and the triggers are waaaaaayy better than the PS3.

your a clown.

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