Week recap: PS3 future; Xbox 360 last; Wii No. 1

A full recap of this week's hottest stories. Items include:

Sales for the PS3 were warm over the U.S. holiday sales period. NPD Group Inc. this week reported sales of 797,000 units in the month of Dec.

BBC News this week reported that while the Blu-ray disc drive in the PS3 is upgradeable, most others are not. The PS3 includes an Ethernet port to allow for firmware upgrades.

The Xbox 360 ranked last in the latest video game hardware sales data from Japan. Sales for the product reached only 4,000 units during the week.

NPD Group Inc. this week said that Wii topped Dec. U.S. video game hardware sales, moving more than 1.3 million units in the month.

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pwnsause4666d ago

Things are looking up for the PS3, I am %100 Positive that its going to do amazing and shut the naysayers up.

MaximusPrime4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

2008 is going to be an interesting year.

edit: @ below: you are right.

Salvadore4666d ago

MaximusPrime, it already is.

captainjy4666d ago

Yeah really interesting with only 2 potential AAA titles. Considering Gears 2, Lost Odyssey and Alan Wake along with crossplatform GTA 4, yeah it's looking up for the 360 even more. You PSFree people will latch onto anything and run with it. Anything from, "Next year will be awesome!" to "Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD 2:1".

Funny, the 360 is outselling the PSFree nearly 2:1 and we keep you guys around.

cow moolester4666d ago

Title is a bit misleading...Xbox was last in makes it sound likes its last overall...and Xbox has always been last in Japan

Amnesiac4666d ago

Yeah, Japan does not care at all about playing Halo2.5 or those sweet Burger King games..

MaximusPrime4666d ago

Halo 2.5?

My brother recently played Halo 3 and said that it is more like Halo 2.3

I believed him.

zambrota4666d ago

Ps3 managed to beat xbox 360 by 14,000 units last week in worldwide sales

Kenshin_BATT0USAI4666d ago

Worldwide it was last. The 360 that is.

Salvadore4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

Halo 3 is a fun game, but if it's directly compared to Halo 2 &3, the game falls flat. Bungie promised to finally complete the story, but finished it off with another cliffhanger which was very disappointing.

Amnesiac4666d ago

halo 2 > halo 3

when they took out all the gltiches (bxr bxb rrx rrxyyrrx)

they ruined it, halo is only fun IMO when its all BR FFA

Amnesiac4666d ago

LOL @ buying halo 2 or 3 to play the campaign.

halo = 99% multiplayer

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heyheyhey4666d ago

it will be interesting to see how much the sales spike when MGS4 gets released- i have 5 friends getting a ps3 for the game and according to what people say on the interwebz- the sales are going to be crazy

LightningPS34666d ago

Little big planet
Gran Turimso 5
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
Final Fantasy XIII

Monster exclusives in 2008, the only XBOX 360 game that size is Gears of War 2.

zambrota4666d ago

If SONY decides to launch both Resistance 2 and killzone 2 in Fall then Gears wont be released in 2008.

However that could happen ONLY if HAZE becomes a hit in terms of sales and rankings ---which is not impossible but slightly unlikely since Haze's graphics recently looked underwhelming

LightningPS34666d ago

Even Gears of War 2, people who want that game already own an XBOX 360.

Alan Wake
Too Human
Fable 2

hahaha, That doesn't move consoles.

MGS4 moves consoles
Final Fantasy XIII moves consoles
Gran Turimso 5 moves consoles
Killzone 2 moves consoles

zambrota4666d ago

Fable 2 has a niche audience who would always like that game and might purchase xbox 360 for that game.

Gears 2 would have moved consoles but i doubt whether Epic would even release the game in 2008 amidst Killzone 2/Resistance 2 and Haze.

A single AAA game cannot fight 3 AAA games. Ut3 on ps3 lost sales because it was released alongside Cod4 .

as you have seen ps3 owners did purchase games in december especially FPS but that was COD4 rather than orange box/ut3

Suki034666d ago

I'm really looking forward to White Knight Chronicles this year but the release date is still TBA :/ I would say that Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 is very anticipated as well, at least for me.

zambrota4666d ago

It has been on the Japanese most wanted list for the past year or so.

Some analysts are saying that it will sell a MILLION copies at launch in Japan.

I dont disagree cuz i have a lot of japanese friends who are waiting for this game

Amnesiac4666d ago

wouldn't it be Ninja Gaiden Tau?

pshizle4666d ago

MGS4 moves consoles = Japan move consoles
Final Fantasy XIII moves consoles = Japan move consoles
Gran Turimso 5 moves consoles = will not move consoles
Killzone 2 moves consoles = game will blow

ukilnme4666d ago

I sense fear and jealousy of a console. As a PSWii60 owner I won't have to experience it.

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