Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of January 20th

US Games

* Burnout Paradise

EU Games

* Burnout Paradise

Asian Games

* Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

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MaximusPrime4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

Burnout Paradise releases here in UK on 25th Jan.

Ive preordered mine. Can't wait!

zambrota4662d ago

I think it will sell out in UK.

COD4 ps3 version is apparently completely sold out in UK

Relcom4662d ago

I never get sick of COD4 but its about time i play something else.

LJWooly4662d ago

Bit of a piddly list, but enough to keep us going 'til the big hitters arrive.

Mr VideoGames4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

im glad i got a Xbox, and by the way the Big Hitters for PS3 will never arrive they will just get DELAYED and if they do arrive they won't sell and nobody will like them except for the small population of PS3 FanIdiots.

Just like UT3 and all the other Exclusives (they all sold about 100,000 to 120,000 each) because people who play games dont have a PS3, but people who watch Movies have a PS3.

W A I T B 3 Y O N D

LJWooly4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

What was the point, mate? If you think the PS3's crap, then don't buy one. Problem solved, and you have no reason to b!tch.

Now go, and begin your quest for a life.

Why the hell did you just rename yourself? You won't get your bubbles back...

MaximusPrime4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

videogames4life is indeed one of those nerds sitting at the computer eating jam donuts.

edit: he just renamed himself to "PS3 is a FAILURE". no you are a failure.

CrazzyMan4662d ago

there is no need to insult a human, because of his point of view.
you can disagree with hs point of view or agre, or just ignore.
he is just nothing in BIG gamers community.

when Final Fantasy 13 will come, i will be happiest gamer on the earth, and no matter what he will be saying i will just enjoy gaming.
don`t waste your time on such like him.

After MGS4, KZ2, R2, LBP, GT5, T6, FFXIII, WKS, GoW3 releases people will just laugh from him. Nothing more. =)

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heyheyhey4662d ago (Edited 4662d ago )

well one great game in a month is better than a bunch of mediocre ones so im happy with burnout

February will probably be a little dry too, but march is when the real fun starts (GTA4)


i seriously cant tell if your for real, or if you are trying to make 360 fans look bad

have fun with your remaining bubble- and with your remaining brain cell


oh yeah i forgot about that- i guess there will be a great game every month then, woohoo

liquidsnake4662d ago

In february we'll have DMC4. Im getting it for sure anyways.

picker3324662d ago

Well dont have any money right now anyway,just gonna wait till Dmc4 is released Feb07 i believe.

But i think Burnout is great but not a game i want to spend money on.