New iPhone Apps: A Tantalizing Taste of What's Ahead

1/19/08 - Chris Maxcer of MacNewsWorld writes:

"Though the official iPhone Software Developer Kit won't ship until next month, Apple has pumped a little new life into the device with the rollout of new features and applications. The Maps utility just got a little more useful, the home screen can be customized, Web apps can be turned into icons, and iTunes rentals can be easily ported to the iPhone."

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Marceles4666d ago (Edited 4666d ago )

This is the only thing I don't like about my iphone...web apps + the slow Edge network = useless. I think you can install games on the Ipod touch, which makes the web apps thing suck even more. Besides that, it's a great phone, they just need to get rid of the web apps crap and find a secure way to be able to install this cool stuff

moses4666d ago

We need flash support >:(.

Pain4666d ago

Not in Canada yet ,and would be like 160+ with r messed up rates....

captainpwn4666d ago

My brother took a 2 hour drive to Buffalo, NY, picked one up, jailbroke it in under 30 minutes and is now running Rogers mobile on it.

cow moolester4666d ago

I have appsnapp on mine... Web apps least with appsnapp you can install native applications I video recording a 2 megapixels, 45 fps with no time limit....

JosefTor4666d ago

I'm waiting for a good to-do list application before I buy the iPhone. The calendar is slightly lacking.

captainpwn4666d ago

A bit hard to type on, and there are no reminders, but still effective.

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