TimeSplitters 4 Possible If Facebook Page Reaches 100,000 Fans

A new campaign has started for TimeSplitters 4 that has reached the attention of Crytek's higher-ups. Even former Free Radical members are intrigued about the new campaign that is aiming to hit 100,000 fans to help get TimeSplitters 4 made.

The Facebook page is a collaborative effort from gamers coming together to get Crytek to see that fans really do want and will pay for a TimeSplitters 4.

Former Free Radical member Graeme Norgate, the composer on previous TimeSplitter games, says he'll contribute a victory theme song to the campaign if it reaches its goal of 100,000 fans. A senior Crytek artist also says he'll contribute a character design for TimeSplitters if they can get more than 1,000 likes on the Facebook page. They have so far achieved this with a current total of 1,350 likes.

Previous articles have reached 500 degrees on here, but have been taken down by N4G due to directly linking to the Facebook page.

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FezzyBear3255d ago

Let's get this moving. N4G have removed the previous two articles, even though the last one was just behind the latest GTA V news.
If this breaks the rules, then I've got two words for ya, N4G...

TopDudeMan3255d ago

Awesome, just liked it! Everyone else should do the same.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

So all this accomplishes is a song and a character drawing?

Edit: Lol,I get disagrees but no answer to my question?

snipes1013255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )

It's better than nothing isn't it? For this to even catch any attention is a good thing.

I tweeted the link at Game Informer and a few other publications. That should help.

Enigma_20993255d ago


If that's all this accomplishes, why would anyone care? We want a game!!!

snipes1013255d ago

Crytek's attitude towards the game proves that this isnt something that is just going to get approved. Every little bit of progress is more than weve seen in years. Why so negative?

Blastoise3255d ago

Liked :) Lets hope we end up with more likes than a measly 1,600 odd by tomorrow.

sikbeta3255d ago

Damn, TS4... I was waiting for this game since the start of this gen!

WrAiTh Sp3cTr33255d ago

I guess all those disagrees mean yes to my question. I wasn't hating, I was just wondering, lol. More power to the whole effort and everything...

Wagz223255d ago

I never go on facebook, but I actually logged on just to like this just to have a chance for this to be made.

joab7773255d ago

I don't understand because 100000 isn't enough to guarantee success even if all bought it. It would have to be like 4 million +. 100000 only proves what they already know...that ppl love time splitters. And whether ppl buy it has to do with a couple things: how good the game is and when it releases. They have enough data on old ips making new Gen versions...Max Payne 3 etc. It doesn't make sense. A great idea would be to make it a next Gen launch & it will sell. Companies know that games like this will make a certain amount of money. They hold onto it like an ace of hearts. The key is how its made and when as I mentioned. I dunno...something is off.

Enigma_20993255d ago (Edited 3255d ago )



We've been asking for a new Timesplitters game for years! Timesplitters 2 was the first FPS I actually ENJOYED! It's not like they don't know how much we want one! Why do we have to waste time boosting a d*** Facebook page to prove it? The demand is already there! Hell, I bet they could even fund it with Kickstarter at this moment!

When they finally say, "we'll make a new Timesplitters game if you do this..." THEN I'll care, until then don't waste my time. Feel free to waste yours, though...

Oh yeah... and I don't know about you, but I don't give a s*** about Facebook.

dead_eye3254d ago Show
Enigma_20993254d ago


Wasssamatta, little man... shrinkage?

I'm not signing up for Facebook just to make you happy. It's just as worthless as you are...

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CheeseN73255d ago

Not sure what the point of deleting it was. Oh well. Liked!

Awesome_Gamer3255d ago

Time to a create a 2nd facebook account :p

sharkgun3255d ago

To every Timesplitters fan: make sure you 'like' the TS fan campaign website on facebook. I even created a facebook account just to give them my vote!

Slive3253d ago

Cannot agree with you more! the more fans that like this page, the better world for every body!

FuturePerfection3255d ago

Posting Hurf Durf one again..

MrMister3255d ago

What are those two words? "Suck It"?

See what I did there just now?

iChii3255d ago

Jokes on you, I'm blind. lkusadfhlafskljfdg.

3255d ago
Serjikal_Strike3255d ago

yes for the game
F no im not creating a Fb page for 1 vote

Kinect3255d ago Show
a_squirrel3255d ago

I know right? I hate spending like 30 seconds to create and account, and then check my email, click the verification link, and then like the page. /sarcasm

dead_eye3254d ago

If you had friends you'd be able to use Facebook for more than just 1 vote.

showtimefolks3255d ago

want one will become a FB fan.

also would be nice to have a TS hd collection

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BadCircuit3255d ago

I sooo miss Timesplitters. But an online only version like Crytek seems to be hinting at, wouldn't be what I want.

Anemptybox3255d ago

I also don't want it to be online only. They should just take everything that made the first three awesome and add and improve stuff!

NormalKoi3255d ago

TimeSplitters was great. We need a new sequel.

gaminoz3255d ago

I'd love a Timesplitters with the Borderlands 2 style art. And split screen multi with a map editor. PLEASE :)

dead_eye3254d ago

Sorry have to disagree with this one. I love the art style on borderlands and would understand this if timesplitters didn't have it's own personal style to begin with.