Game On video game exhibition coming to Australia

Screen Play - Jason Hill, January 21, 2008

It's almost game on for the world-renowned exhibition which lets visitors play games from the entire 40-year history of interactive entertainment.

The hands-on Game On exhibition, the world's largest and most comprehensive exhibition of the history and culture of video games, has already thrilled over a million visitors around the world and opens soon in Melbourne.

Hosted by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Game On opens March 6 and runs until July 13. Tickets will be available to purchase online soon.

The extensive exhibition includes the following sections: Early Arcade Games, Games Consoles, Games Families, Sound, Cinema, Games Culture (USA, Europe, Japan), Multiplayer Games, Kids Games, Character Design, The Making and Marketing of Games, Future Technology, Online Games, and Top 10 Australian Games.

Screen Play has details of the exhibition and each section.

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