VGG Gives 8.5/10 To Silent Hill: Origins

1/19/08 - Jared Black of VGG writes:

"When Konami announced that it would bring the next installment in its Silent Hill franchise to the PSP, many hardcore fans of the series complained. While it would appear that Konami is set to appease them (and shareholders) with a PS2 port of Silent Hill: Origins early next year if rumors are to be believed, the move really made sense regardless. Many PSP owners already own a Sony home console, and both The Silent Hill Experience and the UMD release of the Silent Hill movie have introduced PSP owners to the franchise. Most importantly, Silent Hill: Origins proves that the PSP is more than capable of doing the creepy franchise justice."

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Counter_ACT4664d ago

What took them so long to review this? This game was released in November.

eagle214664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

When you guys get God Of War: Chains of Olympus with those shiny new PSP's in March; pick this up if your a Silent Hill fan.

TheExecutive4664d ago

Ok I am a fan of the series and I LOVE this game... good stuff.