Do You Remember? – The Sims

Nave360's Charlie writes:

"By this, I do mean the very original. Whilst The Sims 3 is good, the original Sims (and the Sims 2) are still to this very day one of the best PC games to have ever been created (unless you take Half-Life out of that equation). Whilst in recent years games have allowed us to do great things, sometimes the more simpler things are all you need to have a great time playing a game."

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vortis2311d ago

How could anyone forget?

Oh hey, there's an ad for the new Sims Supernatural.

Nope, I haven't forgotten.

JAMurida2311d ago

Not even funny how addicting the original was. I have a lot of the songs on my iPhone as well, loved the game's soundtrack.

attilayavuzer2311d ago

Honestly, I remember hating the first Sims...once House Party came out though, I was all over it.

christian hour2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

The problem with sims 3 was they took all the fun out of it that made the sims 2 so memorable; the varying ways in which you could die, or just all the crazy random things that could happen in that game were outrageous.

Sims 3, whilst still a good game, I felt was missing a lot of the humor and tongue in cheek nature of the original sims and sims 2, and has still yet to find its way back in to sims 3 with its multitude of expansions.

Saying all this though, I still play sims 3 now and then, I just find myself wishing it was a bit more like the sims 2 because the living town of sims 3 was such a jump from the closed lots of sims 2, i honestly thought they couldnt go wrong with it.

Mounce2311d ago

Sims 1 was the most addicting, but the most annoying out of the current 3 and over 9000 Expansions/DLC.

What I hated was, you're sleeping and getting the pre-planned perfect amount of sleep for your Sim, but then suddenly the phone rings! Time-wise it takes your Sim like 30 fucking minutes to get out of bed to answer the phone if you didn't miss it. The good times with the phone were the phonecalls for random lottery winnings and the exciting nature of how random it is, I don't recall ever being called in Sims 2 or 3 except by 'Friends' in the world, made it less exciting to me :( I missed the random fun.

That, and I despised how difficult it was to keep a social life when trying to get the highest job possible, to socialize with 'Friends' was always time-wasting so you had to sacrifice a lot just to talk to people you barely care about before they go distanced and you lose them and you don't get that promotion ;(

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