July 2012 New Release Video Games

If you were expecting a very dull month with absolutely nothing to check out, July will surprise you. Not only are there 4 different 3DS games that look to impress, the Wii is set to get a stellar RPG and Risen 2: Dark Waters finally makes it to consoles. Add in the likely possibility of a few Summer of Arcade titles launching in July and you have a pretty good summer month.

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BringingTheThunder3998d ago

my 3ds will be getting a very good workout next month

Dante1123997d ago

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles HD for my PS Move.

PNeafsey3998d ago

For Xbox - I'm excited to see the Summer of Arcade titles for XBLA. Deadlight is right at the top of my list. In past years I was only interested in one or two games. This year I see four of the five right off the bat that I'd love to get. This might be the first year I actually do the "buy all five get ___" promotion.

For PC - The Secret world if fun and offers some new mechanics (I've tried the Beta) but the subscription model will probably hurt it more than any actual MMO problems.

jek73997d ago

"PlayStation Vita


what a sad month for my ps vita

SirRidge3997d ago

At least we got a couple games in the end of June here...

SirBradders3997d ago

Patience is a virtue my friend, i am in the same position can not believe there is no monster hunter. :-(