Frontlines Fuel of War: Exclusive new trailer HD ingame

Spanish web HardGame2 is hosting exclusively a new trailer HD, in very high quality, of Frontlines: Fuel of War, one of the most awaited games of 2008, developed specifically for Xbox 360 and PC.

Frontlines Fuel of War will arrive on 29th february.

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Batusai4660d ago

Will arrive this game on PlayStation 3? There are rumors that not.

The trailer is SPECTACULAR!!

Neurotoxin4660d ago

Rumor mill seems to be spinning quite a bit regarding this title on the PS3, i suspect an Official announcement tomorrow.

More than likely though its not canceled just delayed horribly as per usual.

poos34660d ago

the ps3 could not handle the game engine to much freezes and glitches so they had to can it

gamesR4fun4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Who knows tho it might just be a delay or it might be canceled. All I know is M$ has deep pockets and a desperate need to make its 360 look like its not dying ;)

Just watched the demo and it looks pretty good not has nice has Warhawk but has a lot going on hopefully all the vehicles are usable and they can host 60 or even 30 player battles on live.
Still the new battlefield will blow this away imo and until i try it I wont say Warhawks better but unless it has jetplanes... :P

green4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

the demo wasn't half bad.Graphics were good and controlling the UV's was cool.Might get it if reviews end up good.

It was way better than the turok demo

heyheyhey4660d ago

why say "specifically for xbox 360 and pc" when the cancellation of the ps3 version hasn't been confirmed yet?

what is it with you people and rumors

liquidsnake4660d ago

I really hope It doesn't, couse it actually looks kinda cool. Oh well otherwise I can always get Haze or BF: Bad Company.

Kain814660d ago

You can Pre-order it on Amazone german, France and UK

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The story is too old to be commented.