G4 Best of CES 2008: Hardcore Tech

G4 The Feed - Sunday, January 20, 2008 11:18 AM

Kevin is back as G4 continues their journey through the fantastical world of gadgets with the Best of CES 2008: Hardcore Tech.

The panelists are here to help him in this discussion so open your ears and listen up. They are: John DeVore (Maxim), Adam Rogers (Wired Magazine), Natali Del Conte (CNET), and Andrew Hawn (Iconoculture).

The article contains five videos. The first video (attached below) features the Arkados HomePlug, which distributes audio over your home's existing power lines. The other four videos feature these gadgets: Jook social music player, Lightglove (controls your PC with gestures), iTornado (one-click Mac-PC mass data transfer/upgrade solution), and IO Gear's 250 GB portable hard drive.

Hit the cut for the rest of the Hardcore Tech and then head on over to the G4 CES page for their full coverage.

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