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resistance1005118d ago

At least they still have HAZE out soon. I suspect a early march release in UK

Greek995118d ago

Sh!t. I forgot about Haze.

Double-Edged5118d ago

UBIsoft is all about Conviction.

Haze is a cheap spinoff of any FPS game.

I can't believe PS3 fans want Haze still. LOL.

faisdotal5118d ago

Yeah 'cause most FPS's thrive to create a story driven game that affects your game play and other mode's right?

Tell me what makes a good story driven FPS , and then tell me that HAZE hasn't got it , cause you'll smell like bullshit even thinking about it.

Greek995118d ago

They need to advertise Haze alot more. I lost all my hype and completely forgot about that game.

resistance1005118d ago

Your comment there was the stupidist i've ever heard.

HAZE looks great, and have had it on preorder since September.

And yes all FPS, use nector, have 2 parts to the story with different gameplay in each part.

Double-Edged i just suspect your bitter about Free Rad dropping the 360 version.

@ Greek99 - I suspect they will hype the game up again, however with no set release date for now, theres little point. Saying that in December issue of OPMuk they had a 2 page ad

Double-Edged5118d ago

have you seen haze in gameplay?
it's horrible.

please... taking off my fanboy glasses... Haze looks terrible.

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superman5118d ago

Totally spies for Wii. Wow.

Intrepid5118d ago

Ubisoft is working on so many projects and so few of them are worth buying. Its a shame...

whoelse5118d ago

Yeah i was really looking forward to Haze but its not worth it anymore as every time we get let down with delays.

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The story is too old to be commented.