CVG-Five games that should tone down the gore

CVG highlights promising games that risk downing in their own blood

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Nimblest-Assassin4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )


Come on... over the top violence is why people love God of war, Kratos is a badass.

Over the top gore is platinum's style, and I now have confidence in rising now... it may not be a true metal gear, but it looks like a great action game

Watch dogs? Really? I didn't see much gore

Tomb Raider... they are trying to be gritty, therefore they need all that stuff that makes you cringe

Hell all these games need gore, or didn't even have that much of it

morganfell4003d ago



GraveLord4003d ago

Without the gore, God of War just wouldn't be God of War.

It's like saying you want a Halo game without those space suits.

DasTier4002d ago

Without gore God of War = Dynasty Warriors
Without space suits Halo = I don't even know what that makes (suffocated space marines maybe?).

TBM4002d ago

hey media if you dont like the gore dont play the damn game. the same goes for all the people whining about it also.

if you want some kiddie type games you know exactly where to go for that.

Amazingmrbrock4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I agree on all accounts. Very good article. Except beyond.

I no longer like kratos. He used to be more or less of a sympathetic character.

Nimblest-Assassin4003d ago

They are bringing sympathetic Kratos back in Ascension, he saved someone.... KRATOS HAS NEVER SAVED SOMEONE!

Amazingmrbrock4003d ago

As the author said it's a good chance for them to work the character angle again.

There's no reason there can't be gore and character development it just takes good writing. As the first game, the psp games and the new game hopefully do.

iChii4002d ago

Did that dude just say Kratos is a sympathetic character? DID HE JUST SAY THAT?

Okay guys.. after reading this I think I've seen it all. Well, all except Lebron James winning a ring but yeaaaahhhh..

MySwordIsHeavenly4003d ago


HE WAS IN GOD OF WAR III!!! What are you talking about?!?

SPOILER ALERT>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>

Kratos opened Pandora's Box at the end to give the world hope. He IS a good guy.

Amazingmrbrock4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Writing in a tiny hook at the end of the game is barely character development. Sorry to tell you this but god of war 3 is a clone of god of war 2. Half of the story is the exact same except it has slightly less depth. At least in god of war 2 krato's was striving for redemption. God of war 3 starts out exactly like god of war 2 with kratos fighting some giant boss/mini boss type guys. Then zeus killing kratos and kratos climbing out of hades AGAIN. And so on and so forth. I could keep out lining the parallels but hopefully you get the picture.

BitbyDeath4003d ago

Did you just skip the cutscenes? It sounds like you followed none of the story.

EmperorDalek4003d ago

Kratos killed the entire human population. Survived the flood? You get killed get killed by the plague. SOMEHOW survive that? No plantlife or sunlight = starvation. And there's no afterlife. The world is screwed. And it's all because of Kratos. Some blue light that apparently gives hope will not change that. I still liked Kratos in 3, but preferred him in 2 where he seemed like a hero.

And how the heck does hope turn Kratos into a giant to kill Zeus? Seriously, this is 25% as bad of an ending as ME3.... At least you aren't HOPING for it to be a dream so you can buy the real ending.

Nimblest-Assassin4003d ago


So a sequel to the game, is a clone of the one that came before it? GOW 3 was really about spectacle, and also they need to depower kratos, so the made him fall to hades. I have played all the games, and you go to hell in all of them. Zues never killed Kratos. Only the two things in the beginning and the final fight with Zues are the only similarities between 2 and 3.. but thats it


"Kratos killed the entire human population. Survived the flood? You get killed get killed by the plague. SOMEHOW survive that? No plantlife or sunlight = starvation. And there's no afterlife. The world is screwed. And it's all because of Kratos. Some blue light that apparently gives hope will not change that. I still liked Kratos in 3, but preferred him in 2 where he seemed like a hero."

Well... how does a man survive being stabbed by a sword forged by the gods? He's Kratos... one of the most overpowered, if not the most overpowered character in gaming. Kratos was never "heroic" he is an anti-hero. A protagonist, who did evil things. He has never been a hero at all. The most heroic Kratos has ever been was in CoO. But thats because as the games progressed, Kratos became less heroic and a lot more angier... I mean look at GOW 3... he killed everyone that got in his way

"And how the heck does hope turn Kratos into a giant to kill Zeus?"

Umm... that never happened.... i think you are confused with GOW1. Hope gave Kratos the power to overcome Zues.. not make him a giant.

ShAkKa4002d ago

@emperordalek A giant?

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smashcrashbash4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

You want Kratos to tone down the gore? Is that a joke? Okay I know people have a hard time understanding this gamers gen but here goes. Kratos is a BARBARIAN. That is the way they behave. That is how he fights. Ancient warriors didn't run around stepping on eggshells or thought about how they kill someone.

Red Indians chopped off the top of your skull.Vikings split your head open with axes.Mongols cut you to pieces. Samurai cut your head off. Ninjas disemboweled you.Kratos was a Spartan. They used to send their own warriors to kill their own people to prove their worth and if you happened got caught they blamed you for the crime and executed you.

Anyone that did anything to any of these group's friends, family or clans they would hunt you down and kill you and anyone who got in their way. What happened to Kratos and his family was tragic and nothing Kratos did afterwards changed that. He behaved the way any ancient warrior would because that was the way they were trained and what they knew.The fact that Kratos showed any sort of sympathy or concern for anyone else except his people, like when he killed Athena or had to destroy Pandora or abandoned his daughter to save the world or killed himself to give hope to the people is a miracle in of itself

You don't have to like him. Just know and understand that is what he is. People judge him by modern standards. But what he did was perfectly natural in his time. And don't even bother feeling sorry for the Gods. They always do things like this to their children and were ten times more wicked and evil then Kratos was. His anger and rage was fueled by them and that is why most of their children turn out to be rage filled killers. Throw me all the disagrees you want. Kratos's character was more realistic then most modern characters are and people cringe at the reality of it.

@ Nimblest-Assassin . I don't know if your joking or something but a barbarian wasn't a race of people. Spartans were considered to be barbarians too. Barbarian was the way you behaved not what race you belonged to as in being barbaric. Vikings were barbarians. Mongols were barbarians

Nimblest-Assassin4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Kratos is a spartan not a barbarian -_-

This is a barbarian


TheHater4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

I think what smashcrashbash meant was that Kratos actions made him a barbarian.

Feralkitsune4002d ago

No matter what he was "trying" to say; what he actually said was wrong.

soniqstylz4003d ago

On the last part, as far as the Mediterranean cultures were concerned, barbarians were the people from Germania or the Turks, who typically wore beards (barba means "beard", which is where we get the term "barber").

Silly gameAr4003d ago

When did the gaming community start whining about to much gore in games?

TheHater4003d ago

I think it more "gaming journalists" that are creating something out of nothing. No wonder other media journalist don't take videogame "journalist" seriously.

I honestly don't see the problem with "too" much gore in games. If the gore fit the store, setting, and character then I don't see the problem. In ancient times when you killed someone, they didn't burst into coins. Have any of these guy seen pictures of war causality?

And wasn't it these same "journalists" that were complaining that Ninja Gaiden 3 lacked gore? Wasn't that one of the negative when it came to reviews for Ninja Gaiden 3?

soniqstylz4003d ago

I just think we need to make a difference between gaming journalists and gaming bloggers.

AusRogo4003d ago

God Of War? Ate you kidding me!? When im ripping some poor bastards head off as Kratos, I expect alot of blood and gore, nothing less! I love the gore..

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