Fable 2 - Will It Deliver, Can It Deliver?

1/20/08 - Robert Cram of MSXbox World writes:

"Fable came under a lot of scrutiny from gamers and the gaming press, and maybe received more than it actually deserved. The reason for this was the game's designer and mogul of all things gaming, Peter Molyneux mentioned several features, pre-release that transpired, weren't included in the final product."

"Fable 2 is on the horizon, and of course Lionhead/Peter have drip fed us game details."

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ElementX4660d ago

I didn't look at the first Fable as "lets see what wasn't included". I played the game without any biases and I really enjoyed it. With Fable 2, I'm not reading lists of "features" until the game ships.

EZCheez4660d ago

And I have no doubt the sequel will deliver too. It's one of a few gems that really makes you think about how differently you are going to play the second time before you even complete it once. The Lost Chapters expansion on PC added even more to the game. I'll definitely be picking this one up when it comes out on PC.

marinelife94660d ago

I really enjoyed the first Fable as well.

I just though it was hilarious in that video when the developer was talking about the different combat moves the character could pull of but he couldn't do them himself.

Greysturm4660d ago

and although i liked the game mechanics it left mee with a bla feeling when i ended it. As for features i was satisfied the story to me was kind of meh lets hope thye improve it.

NegativeCreepWA4660d ago (Edited 4660d ago )

Itll be great thats for sure. But I still think the Fable Peter dreamed of isnt possible yet. Maybe next-gen or the one after.
Hes got to much ambition and gets the better of him most of
the time.
I just hope its close.

mintaro4660d ago

i really enjoyed the first fable, so i have high hopes for Fable 2

Gamingisfornerds4660d ago

Peter Molyneux is a very passionate and dedicated developer. And he's an even better presenter.

He really tries to make something unique and really puts thought into what he wants to achieve with his games. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work out quite as hoped.

I hope he can really pull it off this time. Not too say that Fable 1 was bad though, far from it actually. I for one loved it!

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The story is too old to be commented.