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"As futile as most internet petitions may be, the power of an army of united voices is clearly very much still as real as it ever was. Following the announcement that he was abdicating the MGS throne after Snake Eater, Hideo Kojima started to feel the force of a legion of outraged fans. Demanding the return of Kojima to MGS4, the hate mail and even death threats started to pour in and it wasn't too long before the gaming legend was back on board, now co-directing Guns Of The Patriots with his would-be successor Shuyo Murata. So whether it was Kojima's intention to work on the project all along or whether the bullying zealots dragged him back against his wishes, the gang's all here now and they'll be looking to send Snake off with one hell of a bang."

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PStriple7034667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

first day buy for me

edit: bots don't disagree cause you have to buy a ps3 now

eagle214667d ago

gonna be backs of sneakers getting stepped on and shoulders touching!

n_n4666d ago

I will be neglecting food, sleep and a social life the minute this gets in my hands... i'll be smelling the case, booklet and disc all the way home until i finally feed this baby into my ps3. then... say goodbye to Earth until i complete it for the 3rd time.

Cryxen4666d ago

Pretty crummy article, but the death threats part was funny.

I can't wait for Kojima to answer all these questions and I hope Ocelot gets some screentime and isn't taken over by Liquid for the entire game :(

heyheyhey4667d ago

if humans could hibernate then i would until Q2 2008

cr33ping_death4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

be like cartman and freeze i would :)

edit: uh oh we got a [email protected] disagreer on the boards...... dont be upset that you cant play metal gear....all you have to do is buy a PS3.

MK_Red4667d ago

I wonder how many of this "for men" magazines will be in the game...
But seriously, can't wait for this game. I love MGS storyline and MGS3's story along was enough to make it one of my all time fave games. If MGS4 can have a story that's as deep and awesome as that but doesn't become too complex like MGS2 then MGS4 will be the definitive choice of story loving gamers.

heyheyhey4667d ago


most epic battle of all time no doubt

Kain814667d ago

But he is Still the Legend

onewinedangel4667d ago

not yet.
This is the liberty we have won for ourselves ,OUTER HEAVEN
this is no longer a game it has became art
Kain81 he is the only video game legend

Kain814667d ago

Your name Remeber me on a Game with the best epic Battle besides MGS
Cloud Vs Sephiroth ( The one Winged Angle)

byge4667d ago

Uh guys wasn;t this preview posted already? I remember reading it some time ago.

Tsukasah4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

MGS is popular. Why not have plenty of gameplay with lots of cinematics as well? MGS4, I doubt will get as overhyped as Halo 3. People were acting like Halo 3 was the second coming or something. We won't be seeing solid snake on mountain dew. We wont have t-shirts with master chief on them. We wont have hardly any hype like all PS3 games. The only hyped games for PS3 are Motorstorm and Resistance. And those are hardly hyped at all. Sony, for some reason, doesn't like to hype nor advertise much in the US. If they did I think we could see a lot more games being sold, and consoles as well.

EDIT: oops this wasn't meant for a reply. Sorry to whomever I "replied" to.

On topic. The game looks great, If only I could freeze myself or something until the game comes out. I may end up like Cartman, either way its a win-win situation! :D!!

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The story is too old to be commented.