CVG previews Mafia 2 - Welcome back to the City of Lost Heaven

Swept aside by the tsunami-like GTA 3, the original Mafia never really stood a chance on Xbox. On the PC, however, this cinematic sandbox drive-'em-up - which played out like a 30's version of Goodfellas - found its niche and scored massive with both critics and punters alike.

Now, after more than half a decade in the wilderness, original developers Illusion Softworks have got the nod to revisit the City of Lost Heaven (cough Chicago cough) - and, apart from a shift forward into the '40s, it's looking very much like a next gen remake of the first game, where - once again - an innocent Italian-American gets taken 'under the wing' of a powerful Mob outfit and turned into their most fearsome hitman. Ba-da-bing!

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Nicosia4661d ago

Mafia = The Greatest underrated game EVER. I loved it on the pc!

Korosuke4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

To tell the truth, I can't yet uninstall Mafia on my PC for several years.

An offer I can't refuse, can't wait for this.

C_SoL4661d ago (Edited 4661d ago )

the greatest underrated game ever.....I'm really looking forward to the second one....

EDIT: Even by looking at the post's degree, this game is too underrated....

OpiZA4661d ago

Plus it had the most gorgeous soundtrack, really worked well 2 immerse u in that period.

SpikeSpiegel4661d ago

I know it was for realism, but driving around at 20-30 mph does not make for a fun gaming experience.

heyheyhey4661d ago

the first one was great so i hope this one will deliver as well

Hydrollex4661d ago

because I thought Thomas is my friend, I thought it's in real life. ohhh remembering when I was a kid

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