Self Playing Guitar Hero Robot

So you think you're the Guitar Hero master? Step down kiddo; you ain't Slash, and you ain't got shit on CyberPyrot's robot induced high score. Well, soon to be high score once the kinks are straightened out. Watch and learn:

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danarc4668d ago

lol... it struggles on easy

I can see the potential, but whats the point?

I wouldnt buy MGS4 if it played itself...

Amnesiac4668d ago

sub par GH play is so brutal to watch/listen to

Armyless4668d ago

with heavy breathing and clothes rustling, staring at a blank screen, to finally watch a "robot" play worse than me.

Jdash244668d ago

why make a game play itself?.........defeats the purpose of having the game

LJWooly4668d ago

While that's pretty clever, it sort of defeats the whole point of videogames.

Still, keep it up, mate. It'd be great if he managed to get the top score in the world with it. Not great for the other gamers, but great for the creator.

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