Indie Game Pick: Audiosurf

Audiosurf is a music game that works with any song you choose. Music that gives you an adrenaline rush are converted into wild roller coaster rides full of color and motion. Tunes that calm you down appear as cool colors against a relaxing sky.

In Audiosurf, you race down a futuristic and colorful highway. The highway, the traffic patterns, and the scenery are all synchronized to the music you have chosen from your own collection.
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PacoDG4663d ago

Crap, already read about this game earlier today on GAF, was interested, now I see it twice, I must download this right now.

Looks like Guitar Hero Astropop, can't wait to throw on some Aphex Twin in this.

Snoozer2824663d ago

Reminds me of Klax but with your own music.

Batusai4663d ago

Simply, the best game that I have played in years

Armyless4663d ago

Was that a little "gay"?